Wednesday, 19 August 2009


In a few short hours
I shall be on my way to the NEC for this year's Quilt Festival.
Sitting here, painting my nails,
a change for me I usually choose purples or pinks.

I feel like 'striking out'. So Green it was. Shall I also glitter them? Hmmmm. Oh why not. May as well. Not enough glitter for my liking. They look good though, real witches nails. cackle cackle

Bubble bubble toil and trouble
find a machine for me
bubble bubble toil and trouble,
where, at the NEC

Be it Janome, Brother or Pfaff

I wont give a damn

Unless the stitching is really naff

Cos I'm like a baby without a pram

Then woe betide the salesman so keen,
for making me buy a rubbish machine,
I'll huff and I'll puff
wrong story.

Are you seriously reading this rubbish?

I'm just wasting time whilst my nails dry, then I can go to bed,
Perchance to dream
of getting me
a new
sewing machine.


Top coat time

Good gracious, I have company!
The Police Helicopter is up by the sound of it,
it's right over the bungalow,
oh joy!
Who is up to no good out there?
They best be careful, there is a witch in here, with very long talons,
green ones...
Mind you, I wonder -
it's me 'mates' calling for me in their souped up broomstick...

Bye for now!

Too much time on my hands obviously!

New to my Blog?
Oh dear, I am not normally like this, well, not quite as bad.
Then again...


My friend Di rang me this evening to wish me well at the show tomorrow - correction, today!! - also to let me know I am 'IN'
Apparently, writing on quilts with a sewing machine is the latest thing,
Been there done that.
Missed my 15 mins of fame.............again!

Think the nails are dry
Goodnight folks.

Normal service will be resumed when this person [?]
gets a new machine......
Bet you hope that will be soon


Anonymous said...

Have a great time at the Quilt Show. Hope those green nails bring you luck. Ros

Di said...

Sewing machine sales people - be afraid, be very afraid!!!!!

searchfamilies said...

Hi Jan, I know why you painted your nails Green so the rest of us will be Green with Envy on you new baby i am sure you will get something great.
I enjoyed your post a bit of humour goes a long way, i would love to have gone to the show but it so big & little seating area i hope to go to Malvern later in the year well will read all about the show on here now doubt
Hugs Janice

jan said...

Hi Ros,
the green nails worked!!

Hey Di,
Why should they be? hahaha

Hi Janice,
Don't know about being jealous, it's the other way round girl. Who won the ticket and went to a posh do? Who got to be famous on the PP site? Who deserved it all anyway?
I know what you mean about the seating plans, or lack of should I say. Maybe we ought to take our own. :-)
lol Jan x