Friday, 21 August 2009



At the Show I bought a machine,

It is coming next week, so I should be able to get something done, once I have worked it all out. NOT looking forward to having to learn all over again, but it has got to be done,
and I must stop grumbling and just -
get on with it.
I nipped back to the Janome stand later, and bought some bobbins,
I do like A LOT of bobbins...
I bought the latest feet,
I do like the small horseshoe foot,
I always use that for my Quilting...

I didn't get to see many quilts unfortunately, I knew that would happen though. Luckily, between them Annette and Suzanne have taken over 800 photo's so I should be seeing them very soon, in fact Annette brought a disc up for me today so I have been having a private viewing. I cant put any on here due to the copyright laws sadly.

Gosh some of the quilts are amazing. Makes you wonder what was going through the head of the maker at times!! Lots of bright colours used this year. Some look fairly reminiscent of the ones I saw last year I have to say. Why is it people see a quilt then go home and make it - identical...I have never understood that myself. I see quilts I like but I wouldn't dream of copying them to the letter. I like to put my own 'stamp' on it as it were. Each to his or her own though.

I am looking forward to seeing the ones Suzanne took now, as I was with her for some of the time, and I know she got a lot of Ferret's work. WOW they are amazing.

I had a stroll round some of the enclosed areas, looking at the 'Names' quilts. Some are........mmm, shall I say, 'interesting' to put it politely. I am really NOT into Arty farty style quilts, I do appreciate the work done in or is that on them. BUT..........Hmmmm....

I did see some wonderful work though and I was with Rebecca when she saw a quilt that had her, totally, speechless. Which is a wonderful thing!!!!! She really loved this particular quilt, when she found her voice, she said a long drawn out, wwwwwwooooooowwwww. It was wonderful to see, also to hear her chatting away to people, they asked her questions about what she had seen and what she liked and I was amazed by her answers to everyone, she is more knowledgeable about Quilting than I thought!! Very proud of her. She loved the Quilts, she thought they were all very clever, she was in awe of a lot of them. We had a good stroll round the stalls, not all of them, but we managed to spend a good deal, I came home with 37p in my purse. OOPS! Pictures further down of purchases.

I met Angela from the PP Forum and she gave me a Bookmark she had made, bless her, she had made one for everyone who was coming to the show. Angela is tiny, I felt like an elephant at the side of her, well, see picture and you know what I am talking about. The photo is of us in front of her wonderful Quilt. It is gorgeous in the 'flesh' so to speak. Well done Angela, it looked great. Cant find the picture at mo, where has it gone?

I also met Katy for the Popular Patchwork Magazine. She was working so hard at the stand, I queued for a while so I got to speak to her, she is a lovely girl folks. A real pleasure to meet and chat to. Got a great photo of her shoes too. Annette took a fancy to them, so Katy let us take a piccie of them. Very brave, I would hate a picture of my feet being taken. Gross!

I had a great day, yes, I missed a lot of the show, due to the machine business. But I enjoyed it none the less. I was shattered. My legs hurt, my feet hurt, my neck was screaming at me, I had a headache, you name it, I basically had it. I was totally exhausted. I went to bed at 9.30, unheard of for me, but that is how tired I was. Good to get tired doing something you enjoy. Roll on next year's show.
Here are the goodies I bought -

What a bargain these are...

At last a new blade...

Thought I would give this a try...

Why oh why do I always go for blue?

To prove she was at the Show,
Rebecca got her hand stamped -
she loved it...

Suzanne talked me into buying this piece -
£5.50 it was...

Couldn't resist this string of beads...

Gorgeous or what...

Apparently a stall holder gave Rebecca this pattern -
for free!!!
Lucky girl...

As if they hadn't done enough for me,
Annette and Suzanne both bought me a present...
Annette bought this Silk pack for me...Suzanne this gorgeous snazzy fabric.
Aren't I lucky?

I think I can safely say a good day was had by all.
Thank you Suzanne for my wonderful day out.
If you are going to the Show
spend spend spend


searchfamilies said...

Glad you had a wonderful day, i know what you mean about the quilts, the ones that won most of them looked like they should be on the wall not the bed & some well how they won i don't know i can appreciate all the work that gone in to them but i wouldn't want to spend that much time to produce it lol
Well you are a tease you said you are getting a Janome but which one more details please.
The fabrics are really nice, by the way just so you know they said at the dinner there was around 10,000 visitors they expect to have hit over 30,000 for the show bet sardines in a tin comes to mind lol
As for some quilts i was in awe of the young quilters/embrodiery & the ages was 5-8, 9-11 & 12-16 i was amazed at them but the youngest group well i wouldn't mind producing some of them at my age now let alone at 5-8
Hugs Janice

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan, The difference a day can make!! Sounds like you had a lovely time and lots of wonderful souvenirs too. Ros

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

a janome machine????WOW look at you.....