Monday, 24 August 2009


Hubby thought he would give the Bernina motor a thorough check, he was pretty sure it was 'shot' [technical phrase!!!!]
So he got the workmate table up and clamped it to it, then wired it to the mains ------- as blokes do, pushing the bare wires into the socket - arghhhhh don't try this at home folks.......
it sprung into life, we looked at each other, then flames and smoke from the back appeared, hahahaha the smell was awful I went in --he was in the garden with this.
It is 'shot' now.
He had to give it a go he said, so now we now it is officially dead as a dodo.
Long live the Janome.

Oh look, it is Monday, and it is not here...........hahahaha


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

haha, that's crack me up. after seeing you bought a janome, i went on the "cyber" search for one......don't thing I'll be affording one anytime soon....i'll stick with "oh brother" for now

searchfamilies said...

Well now it gone up in flames you could now claim on your insurance lol Men do have to check things out which can be a good thing as it can be they say it beyond repair & it not well i expect that the arrival of your new baby is helping with the loss lol
Hugs Janice