Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Recently, Popular Patchwork had a competition on their Forum, well, I had to have a go didn't I! You had to make a bag from their recent Bag Special Magazine. I opted to make the Crazy one, because at that time my life was just crazy in itself, anyway, this was my entry, front and back for you to view, Oh dear, no points at all, ho hum. Never mind, congrats to the winner, it was a lovely bag.

ANSWER 4 August
Louise was the winner in the end, there were a good few bags on the site,
a very impressive entry amount, the bag Louise made was gorgeous, a
worthy winner.
There is news about my machine, going to be a month or more
am thinking about it and may have more on it another day.


Ready to post - very late cards,
I am getting further and further behind in stuff because my machine is still

This theme was = Through the Window...

This brilliant card you see here, I have received from Ros.
The theme was GARDENS -
isn't it fabulous, I love it, and feel it is the best one of all,
many thanks Ros for a wonderful card. That little Quilt is hand quilted folks...


Apparently these are my lucky colours.....how odd!!!!


Rosa-Munda said...

Jan, your crazy bag is beautiful! You would have got a vote from me if I'd remembered to do it. Ros

searchfamilies said...

Lovely Bag, how did the voting go & how many entries anyway, next time you should put it on here for votes.
Any date as to when your machine will be back yet
Hugs Janice

Maggie R said...

Hi Jan
Your bag is really lovely... You get my vote!
No machine yet!!!! EEK, I can hear you groan across the pond!!!
Take care,

maggi said...

Gorgeous postcards. I like the bag too but also forgot to vote!!