Monday, 15 September 2008


At last, I have cracked it. Susan's surprise gift. I have finished it, so the bin will be fed no more. I have just got to scan it then I can post it to her.

Also I can post off a few other things that should have gone by now, I am getting behind again with my post, it's the governments fault for closing all these local Post Offices. It really makes life difficult when they are gone, I have to rely on other people or go into town and do the post in there. Pesky nuisance.
9 Things I have ready for the post .

Today I received yet something else for my birthday. Its a tea for two set. I shall take a picture of it tomorrow and you will be able to see just how neat this gift is.

I also received gifts, not for birthday this time, from my neighbour. Connie and Michael have been on holiday to Weymouth, they had a wonderful time, even though their room was close to a night club!!!! They managed to get on the beach for Michael a couple of days, and apparently he was a whizz on the dance floor at night. Bless him. He had bought presents for Rebecca, he loves her to bits, it was a lovely pen with her name on it and a very neat mirror and hairbrush 'thing' that folds over and disappears into a keyring, dead neat. Rebecca loved it. I got two tea towels as Connie knows I have a collection of them from all over the country and the World, she sees them on my washing line of course. And a wonderful little plaque about friends. Ahhh thanks Connie and Michael. Pictures tomorrow.

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