Thursday, 18 September 2008


I recently joined a group on the web from a magazine, and on the pictures there was this beautiful bag. I emailed the lady and asked if she made it herself and if there was a pattern. Well, yes she designed it herself for sure, and has sent me the pattern to make one to test it before it goes public.

How exciting is that.

I get to be the first to make it after her original of course. It is a super bag I just love it. I shall have to ask for permission to put picture on here of the bag, from her.

I am thrilled to be doing this. I just know the pattern will be a good seller. I was looking at my fabrics today for it, and I think I shall use Batiks. I have quite a stash of them and I love the colours. I am going to get my class over on Saturday and then I shall be making this bag. YES.


Noel said...

How exciting Jan....lucky! I can't wait to see the finished product!

jan said...

It is a truly gorgeous bag Noel.