Saturday, 6 September 2008


Rain. Rain. Rain. And whadya know? More Rain.

A really jolly day in lovely Northampton. NOT.

Totally Grey day.

Plus, I wasted so much time searching for a hoop as I wanted to try something new, I just knew I had two of them somewhere, took forever, but I found them. I blamed their loss on the rain!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Janet
Boy your right, its been so nasty with all this rain, we are tottally fed up with it all.
I have trees around my house and its made it so dark yesterday,
Lets so it gets better my grass needs cutting badley, but to wet to do.
Take care

Di said...

This summer has been a real 'washout'! A small part of the ceiling was leaking yesterday and they had to take a couple of ceiling tiles down in case it got worse over the weekend!! How about a 'Rain' journal page????

jan said...

Hi Tracey, oh blow the grass, do some sewing me dear instead. Bit wary of the trees though!!

Hi Di, and it's still raining. We have a lake at the end of our drive now wehre it 'dips' after the car has driven on it for so long. I can go paddling tomorrow. Yes, a journal page for this wet weather, sounds good.