Saturday, 13 September 2008


I am so cross with myself, I spent all afternoon, moving my sewing room around so I could get a better view out of my window. Instead of the rubbish on next doors front garden - I use that term loosely, dump is more appropriate - I could see the street at the bottom of the Close and the houses etc. Quite nice.
Anyway, set everything up and oh oh guess what. All electrical leads wouldn't stretch to the sockets. They are already in trailing sockets so cannot trail a trailer, if you know what I mean. Also my light wouldn't be in the right place. GRRRR, so what did this mean;

Yep. I had to put it all back to the original way I'd had it.

What a wasted afternoon when I could have been sewing.

I did make a few alterations though, I pulled out my trolley from the corner, it was my mum's old wooden trolley, its very old, but I love it. Instead of it being up the corner, it is now on view and loaded to the gills with postcard stuff. I think I'd best make some postcards. hohohoho.

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