Friday, 19 September 2008


These are close ups of the ladies on my Japanese Ladies Quilt. I went with a Friend to Pat Cox class for this, but it was all hand applique, which I couldn't do at the time, so I bought ALL 9 patterns and came home and did it all by machine!

I was unable to take good pictures as I really needed someone else to do it, as with my neck, I couldn't look up to see what I was doing, so the camera was just clicked when I thought the lady was in the frame so to speak.

Hmm. you see I forgot which ones I had taken a picture of, and I have missed one off completely. I have put them as they are on the Quilt. Hopefully, Yahoo will leave them alone!!!

I haven't a clue how I managed this, her face is all squished poor thing.

Here is the complete Quilt in situ. The ladies clothes are made from Silks a friend bought me when she went to London and visited Liberty's, she saw a pack of scraps and thought of me. They were perfect for this Quilt. The borders are all Polycotton, in those days I couldn't afford 100% cotton, besides, there wasn't the shops we have nowadays. The quilting in the purple flowered borders is of a lotus blossom, all done by hand. Gosh!

Those teds get in everything in this house!!


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Oh My Goodness Jan,
The ladies are absolutely beautiful. You are truly a talented quilter.

jan said...

Hello Phyllis, thank you for your kind remarks. I forgot to say this Quilt was made on my old Singer sewing machine. I loved that machine, but it 'died' quite suddenly on me one day, that is when hubby bought me the Bernina. What a good bloke! I am still learning how to use it..15 years later!! hahaha

Elaine in Ontario, Canada said...

Love your Japanese ladies Jan! Really pretty.

jan said...

Hi Elaine in Ontario, so pleased you visited. Call again whenever you wish. The Ladies were fun to make and then embellish. Thank you for your kind comment. :-)

Kath said...

Wow Jan, these are stunning, I love them! Kathx

jan said...

Hi Kath, thank you I had fun making them.