Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I have been sewing like mad today as it is my group on Saturday and I hadn't made a sample for them. Well Annette had, so I didn't think I would bother myself. BUT, best laid plans and all that... When I saw Annette's finished one, I thought. Ooooooooooooo I want one.
So of course, everything to the last minute, I have stitched, and stuck, and cut out, and pressed, and stitched some more, and I am so close to having something that looks reasonable. I am quite pleased with myself.

OH YES. I also started to make Elaine's promised Ice Cream Postcard. Hubby, says it looks good enough to eat. Will do pictures tomorrow.

I have also got some packages ready to post to; KR, Allison, Micki, Sarah and Susan. :-) = happy!

I had a delivery from Ebay this morning too, some gorgeous beads. And YES, I do need more beads Di. I am hoping the containers I have ordered for them will come tomorrow. A good day.

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