Sunday, 26 July 2009


and I got it a lot cheaper

thank you Annette for finding it for me


Maggie R said...

Now you can rest your nerves Jan.. at last eh? You sure waited a long time for this one..

Pat B said...

Great, now all you need is your machine to get started! I shall have to get cracking on mine for real or you will overtake me very soon, I've only done 2 blocks so far and I got my book way back in early June.


searchfamilies said...

Where did you get it from in the end, & was it a good price, is it just the book or is there a disc that goes with it
Hugs Janice

Di said...

Glad it arived at last. When will you start? Will ring tomorrow night when we get back.

jan said...

Hi Pat,
As we kept being told.....this is not a race!!!!! are right though, I wont be starting it until I get my machine back, I would like them to be reasonably accurate (unlike you - Miss Perfect!! hahaha)
and I know I wouldn't achieve that on this Janome. Made some blocks tonight, ARGH! points don't match, you best not see them. oh dear oh dear
lol Jan