Monday, 20 July 2009


Saturday was the day of my group, I had no idea what was in store today, lots of things were discussed but that is all by the by, for me to sort later. I would like to share with you, the surprise in store for myself, but mainly Di and Annette who are collecting blocks to make into Soldier Quilts. Just look at these.


Di and Annette split these blocks between them and took them home to be turned into Quilts.
It didn't stop there -
The next FOUR Quilts were donated
by various group members and friends for the Soldiers,

I have to tell you when I tried to read the messages put on the backs,
I broke down, they were so moving.
Again, Huge Thank yous to you all,
you know who you are.


I had to recover pdq so I could get on with the days sewing, our stall holder for the day was
wonderful fabrics and beautifully presented, do visit their online store, you wont be disappointed - here is a small selection of their fabrics...


Once again I had discovered TWO blocks for the group to have a go at,
one fairly straight forward, the other, hmmmm,
lets just say a few found it challenging...


they never let me down though - well not often!

almost a Quilt here...

this is my Suzanne's block...

wahey, she finished it last night, well done Suzanne,
she has donated it to the Soldier block collection...

starts here...

this was a very pretty bag, made using bag handles won in a raffle,
look at the beautiful beading...

At the June meeting, I had a lady join who had never done patchwork in her life but wanted to learn, she came as I say on the June date for the first time, [this was, unbeknown to us, the first anniversary of her mum's death.] She made the blocks presented to her on that day, using fabrics from her mums sewing chest and old clothes, then she went home and just look at this, she made a Quilt, using all fabrics with memories of her m um, and her own old clothes her mum had kept, plus some of her dad's old clothes, [IE; pyjamas,] this, she now, is going to quilt, possibly tie with buttons from her mums button box, she is going to come to me one day and I am going to help her with the finishing of this Quilt. I wont be doing any of it, just guiding her. When this is done, she will be giving it to her Dad on his Birthday, next month. Isn't this amazing. I am so proud of her, a true patchwork Quilt, in the full sense of the word. Well done B.
Whilst she was telling us about this Quilt, there were lots of tears shed I can tell you, by many in the room.

Hearts and Nine Patch -
Just shows what you can do with a simple idea...

Brilliant Quilt,
but oh my she did not enjoy quilting it,
she finished it never the less, well done D...

A truly stunning Quilt,
there is nothing I can teach S any more,
just look at this beauty...

These Quilt tops are ready for quilting,
they were put together from donated blocks, by Annette,
they are for the Soldiers...

and another...

this Quilt is finished ready for the Soldiers,
made by Annette, using fabrics bought with money donated from Joan
on the Popular Patchwork Forum,
Joan's name will be on the label,
thank you Joan and great job Annette...

Quilt, designed and made by Annette - for herself this time;
it is from the Batik swap on the Popular Patchwork Forum,
a fun Quilt this one...

this is mine, a UFO that is just needing its binding to be complete,
this is the Quilt which caused my machine to pfffttt...

Just how proud can one person be?
I have regular 'UGLY' sales at my group for the ladies to get rid of things they
no longer want or like,
Betty didn't want these blocks, they were half made or in strips,
Rebecca loved the look of them so we bought them for her,
she has put them together ready to be quilted,
then it will be a Soldier's Quilt -
I am bursting with pride.
Well done Rebecca

Pictures of my ladies stitching, or chatting!!! away...

I allow S and J to bring their machines, as they both have problems sewing by hand,
I don't wish to lose them so...

Also at this meeting my friend Betty had sent along some old magazines she no longer wanted, she told me the money collected from the sale of them was to go towards wadding or thread or whatever was needed for Soldier Quilts...we raised £11...thank you Betty so much.

Another eventful day at the Quilt Set. I have to say the thing that remains with me is B's Quilt and the story behind it. I fell privileged to have been the instigator of her making this wonderful memento for her Dad. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she presents it to him. No dry eyes that day I feel.

From September, things will be changing at the group ever so slightly, I hope I get it right for the ladies, time will tell.

I went home put my feet up ,-the toe was throbbing like crazy,- had a lovely cup of tea before having to pack away all the things I have to take along for the day. That is always the part I hate, packing it all away, getting it all in the boxes just right, so it all fits in its delegated place. Nightmare I can tell you. Oh well, its all good fun isn't it? What else would I do?

Then it was SUNDAY Hubby's BIRTHDAY

these are peas Rebecca grew in our garden, yum yum...

Annette had made a choclate cake for him...

we set light to it...

ha ha ha...

I love these candles...

He had lots of presents to do with the greenhouse,
plus a book of Road maps from Rebecca.
Happy Birthday Pop


And finally...
Look what I was sent through the post as a surprise gift...

what a clever idea this is...

thank you so much Fiona



Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan,
What a fantastic day you had on Saturday. You are clearly a great inspiration to the ladies! Your kindness to them has been returned in abundance.
You must have been exhausted by the end of the day.
Congratulations to Rebecca for growing those beautiful and tasty-looking garden peas. She has a gift there!
Happy birthday to your hubby!
Ros x

searchfamilies said...

It was a great day I for one appreciated all you do.
The soldiers quilts are great & Annette & Di do a great job as well as the donated quilts.
Boy Rebecca does great she better than me any day of the week but she has great teachers in you & Annette.
Please wish hubbt a belated Happy Birthday that cake looks nice well you take care & rest after Saturday & i am sure that the next meeting in September will be even better what ever we are doing
Hugs Janice

tigsowner said...

Whata wonderful set of pictures, Jan! I'm almost in tears myself looking at those wonderful quilts and blocks. Your ladies have done you proud!
PS Glad the post arrived! :)

cookie said...

Janet- what nice pictures. So great to recieve all the blocks and even quilt what big kindness from everybody. Happy belated B-day for your'e Hubby.


jan said...

Hi Fiona,
it was very moving, I love to see a quilt like B's, it is a true Quilt, one of the best. I needed the tissues at the group!! Jan x

Hey Kerstin,
lovely to hear from you, the greoup came up trumps on Saturday, I was proud what they donated. Blocks and Quilts, brilliant effort. Cant wait to see what Di and Annette do with them all now. Jan x

Reflections of life and art said...

Wow Jan, you pack alot in one post...hard to comment on individual many of them...hee hee....but here goes...the blocks will make some beautiful quilts for the soldiers...the other donated quilts are great as well....happy belated birthday to hubby...looks like he had a very special day...hate peas so no comment there...LOL!
oh PS....looks like your group had a fun day too!!!