Tuesday, 9 August 2011


1]   Would you have your Quilt quilted by someone else, someone who is not a 'name' just a housewife like  you?

2]   Would you trust them to come up with  a quilting design you would like or would you rather choose the design yourself?

3]   Would you trust them to choose the correct colour thread for the quilting or would you like to state the colour you wanted?

4]   Would you pay this person? Who remember, is NOT a 'name'?

I would be grateful if you could spare me the time to answer these questions, there is a reason I ask. It will be revealed  in a later post. Thank you for your time.


Pat said...

I have had quilts done by people such as those you describe....not famous, who are pretty much regular quilters who just happen to be lucky enough to have purchased a nice quilting machine. I've always had good luck so far and have used 3 who weren't professionally trained and just learned to do it on their own...and I have a couple of quilts with a 4th such person now. I'll be interested to know what's in store for you that you are asking these questions!

jan said...

Cheers Pat.

Leah said...

Hey Jan, Yes to all 4 questions, There are so many talented no "name" people out there and you can tell by their workmanship that they would make my quilt into a masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

1. I would have to think hard about this. Could I let go? My quilts are my babies! I have seen dreadful quilting done by 'names' - stitches, tension, designs.

2. Would need to discuss and agree.

3. Would need to discuss type of thread and colour.

4. Yes, Yes! All work should be valued a'name' or not.

So overall, it may not be for me but I am not against 'ordinary' people offering a quilting service. Good luck.

Margaret S

Maggi said...

No is the answer to the first question as I love the quilting process. But if for any reason I had to then the answers to the next questions would be, if I knew the quality of their work:-
2. yes
3. yes
4. most definitely. Why should I expect them to do it for nothing?

Rosa-Munda said...

I've never been tempted to have my quilts finished by anyone else (probably why I got so many still to do). I would need to feel very confident about having someone else doing the quilting - someone who came highly recommended. I wouldn't, for instance, choose an enthusiast without seeing some of their work first. Think I know where this is going . . . !

Helen said...

I love to quilt my own quilts but if I chose to and was happy with their work (and I'd want to either see some in person or see several photos - close ups and full shots - of their work) then
1) yes, I'd choose them, presumably I'd heard about them because they'd been recommended
2) I'd rather they chose the design (taking my likes and dislikes into account) as they would be the expert on what they could do and what they thought would look best
3) Absolutely, as long as (again) they took my likes and dislikes into account
4) Of course I would...and I'd expect to pay the going rate - too cheap and I'd wonder why...

Will watch with interest - if it's what I think it is then it's a great idea!!

jan said...

Leah, Margaret, Maggi, Ros and Helen,

Many thanks for taking the time to answer these for me, it makes for interesting reading.
I have to say I couldn't let mine go to someone for quilting, I find the quilting process too enjoyable. I know some people always have theirs done by other folk, each to his own I guess. I will leave this here for a while to see if I get any more responses to it.....
Thanks again girls.

Susan said...

Hi Jan

I have had a quilt quilted by a lady who as far as I know is how you described in your questions. She was recommended by several people who had had quilts of their own quilted by her. I saw her work before hand and I spoke to her about the quilt pattern and the thread colour. It was a big quilt the price was very good adn the end result was fantastic. I am not very good at the quilting process. I can mangae small pieces machine quilting but big bed quilts are a different matter. I had paid a lot of money on the fabric in this particular quilt and i wanted it to be my heirloom quilt to pass to my future generations. Hence I got it longarm quilted. You are so right it is each to there own. hope all is well in your world hugs Susan xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan
If the quilter comes recommended and if she showed me some of her work then yes I would put my trust in her. I would listen to her ideas for design but would make the final choice. I would also like to make my own choice of thread. I would pay her for her work.

mageez said...

Over the years I have paid 3 different 'no name' quilters and given them free reign on making decisions as to quilting design and thread. Never had any problems. I think it depends on how much of a 'control' person you are.

QuiltandPatch said...

Yes,to all questions Jan.