Sunday, 7 August 2011


OK, I have been singing the praise of Blogging with Blogger and managed to get quite a few people interested, with the help of a friend they have made their Blogs and I have the addresses, so being keen to encourage them, I have visited their Blogs and tried and tried again and again to leave a message for them, BLOGGER WILL NOT LET ME..

Now why is this I wonder? All it does is send me back over and over again to my signing in page.

BLOGGER, do you want new Bloggers, YES

Do you want to lose old Bloggers? I wouldn't have thought so, but here is one who is getting mighty fed up right now.

Thanks to the HELP line on Blogger I have found the reason I couldn't access others Blogs. A very nice lady put the answer up, so for anyone else who is experiencing this problem, here is what you have to do.
When you sign in, you see a little box that says, KEEP ME SIGNED IN......DO NOT check this box.
If you do you will be alone in Blog land.
Leave it clear and you can go anywhere. Thank you to the lady.


So why has Blogger put the stupid box there?

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jan said...

Just seeing if I can post a message on my own blog.