Friday, 26 August 2011


Rebecca went with her mum not with Alice!!  Sorry, couldn't resist it. Yes Annette took Rebecca to London for the day as promised way way back, she - Rebecca - wanted to see Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. It is a Kate thing with Rebecca, she just loves her, well, who doesn't? The thing is though, what she DIDN'T know was that her mum had bought tickets to GO INSIDE Buckingham Palace and view THAT DRESS and all the other things on display. When Annette told her, she was outside BH gates and she rang me on her mobile and screamed and squealed VERY LOUDLY down it to me that she was GOING INSIDE. My ears are still ringing with that call, she was soooooo excited bless her. If you go over to Annette's Blog you will see the wonderful pictures of their day out, I have 'nicked' a few for here though too cos they are so good.
Rebecca with THOSE tickets...
 Yes, you are going to see THAT DRESS...
 Inside the Palace grounds...
 The rain didn't stop this girl from doing the Tour...
 I had a sudden mad idea to make Rebecca a bag for her trip to London,
I printed pictures of Kate onto fabric then appliqued them to a blue background - which I hoped
was similar to the dress she wore at her engagement, I do my best folks,
this was to be the front...
 a close up of one of the pictures, I really like this one, oh yes
and that tassell I have had for many years and it was just perfect for this bag...
 This is the back of the bag, a picture of the pretty shoes which we didn't get to
see on the day, and her bouquet -
not sure if you can see I quilted vermicelli style with little hearts
mixed in just for Rebecca...
 another close up, I bought the ribbon Union Jack Flags on our market
they worked just right on this, I put a zip on the top for safety for Rebecca in London!!!
 the very pretty bouquet...
Rebecca loved it. 
Now for something completely different -
More of Rebecca's cross stitch pictures. She is zooming away on these now -
here's Winnie the Pooh...
 a sleepy cat...
 a Royal Carriage - maybe this should have gone on her bag!!!
 Well done Rebecca, great job of all of them.
Changing tack yet again.
Someone and I cannot remember who, was asking for orphan blocks,
if it was you ??? please get in touch with me as these are what I have found for you.
That is if you would like them.
 Maybe someone out there can tell me who it was please, I would be grateful.
Something else again..
Now this is a small Quilt I designed for Makower, this is a copy of the original,
I don't know what to do with it???
Any suggestions???
 close up of middle...
So there you have it, an assortment of things to look at today, hope they are of interest to you. leave a comment, I love to read what you think.


Maggi said...

Didn't Rebecca look happy in the pictures? Your bag is absolutely brilliant, great idea. She is doing so well with the cross stitch too.

QuiltandPatch said...

The photos on your blog came up ok it was those on NN's blog that I couldn't get so still haven't seen what Reb made at the F.O.Q. The bag is absolutely gorgeous and am sure Reb was so proud to be carrying it! Luv Liz x

QuiltandPatch said...

P.S. if no one claims the blocks how about making them into A3 size pennants they still need lots!!!!!!!!!

cookie said...

wow, great pictures. I love the picture with Reb holding the umbrella. It looks awesome. I mean all the other pictures are great too. but the red umbrella is sticking out. Just awesome.
Your bag for Reb is great too. I bet she was thrilled to have it.

Her cross stitch is good!!

stashmaker said...

Yep, I got the scream too as I was standing next to her!!!! The bag was excellent and she kept a good hold of it all day!!!
I don't know who wanted the blocks,sorry. Not sure what cross stitch she is working on now as she is zooming through them!!! :-))))

Noel said...

Rebecca looks so excited...and that bag you made her is stunning...I'm sure she was proud of that! hugs Noel

searchfamilies said...

What a lovely day out for Rebecca i use to love to go to the Tower of London & the Museums when i lived in London & also took my kids there
Rebecca looks like she havin a good day out & what a beautiful bag very nice
The small quilt is it too big to make in to a table topper or a quilt topper to sit on top of the bed
Hugs Janice