Wednesday, 24 August 2011


You are never going to believe this but I have been 'out of sorts' again!  I seem to have contracted a dodgy tum as I have got older and certain things are making me ill. Someone has suggested I keep a diary of everything I eat to try to eliminate the foods that are doing this to me. Good idea.  It makes me so cross as I lose quilting time as it quite knocks me out.
But it is all gone now and as you can see I am back. hee hee
I have put up a new header picture as I thought the shot of all of us grinning at you every time you came here may just be grating on you now!!!! This new one appears to be very large, I shall have to see if I can reduce the size I think. Not now, another day maybe.


Di said...

I've tried the elimination process but doesn't seem to work. As you know I was given a loose diagnosis of IBS but don't know. All I do know is that when I get stressed (and that seems to be a lot of the time at the moment) it'sd 'here we go again'!!!!.
Caught a little of a programme on Buddhism last night. Perhaps meditation and findidng our 'inner selves' is the answer????

BTW love your new quilt header.

Susan said...

Hi Jan sorry to hear you have been out of sorts hope keeping an elimination diary helps solve the naasty tummy bugs. Hugs Susan xx

Rosa-Munda said...

Jan, Sorry to hear that you've not been well again. I get this happen to me so drink aloe vera every morning now and it really helps. I'll email you the details. Ros x

QuiltandPatch said...

Gosh,how many people suffer this! I had done all things and still get it sometimes for what seems no reason at all. I can be stressed and not get it,I can think it's something I ate then another time can eat it ok. I used to have aloe vera for years then when I had last bought was told to leave it off! Left off all sorts of foods too. Still no pinpoint trigger, just one of those things we have to put up with. If you can control it your lucky!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Quilt love it .

So sorry to hear about your tum it can be a real so & so at times,

have a hug. xxx

Noel said...

ahahaha...I like that doggie tum...your not alone there....getting aging sucks. Hey my friend go to my blog and read my latest post has been crazy this past ya! Hugs your friend from California!

Maggi said...

Sorry to hear about your tum Jan. keeping a record of what you eat sounds like a good idea. Hope something works for you anyway as I hat the idea of not being able to be dazzled by your gorgeous quilting.