Thursday, 4 August 2011


First let me apologise for being late on this announcement, I spent too long in the sun and got a touch of sunstroke, made me feel really bad I can tell you, I couldn't face coming on the computer, screen too bright and headache too bad, but all is well now, and the winner has been chosen by the random picker site, so with no more ado, the winner is.....


So Aude if you can email me your address please, I will get the bag off to you.

Many many thanks to all of you who entered my little give away, watch this space because I have another on
 its way which is a little different to anything I have offered before!!!!

Strange thing! I read my emails before I came on here and saw I had three very strange ones in my comments, yet when I came here, there was no sign of them!! How odd. Not that I care because I was going to delete them anyway. I don't like stupid messages on my Blog thank you very much.


sheppeylass said...

Congratulations, Aude! :)

maggi21 said...

Congratulations to Aude, she is going to love having one of your bags. I got 4 weird comments the other day on my old Blogger blog which I don't use any more, just deleted them. Hope you recover quickly from your sunstroke, silly girl! You can go out and get rusty instead today.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Aude.
Caz,,, waiting for the next giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Well done Aude

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much everyone and especially Jan for this blog and the prizes.

Anonymous said...

It arrived today and its brilliant, the postcard too is amazing. Thank you so much it will be put to a good use.