Sunday, 15 March 2009



Here is some information for those of you who would like to make a similar card as this one. Noel I know you would like to do one so here you go.....

The background is a basic Attic Window patchwork block, I just stitched thick lines for the diamond window effect, in a BROWN thread, not black, too harsh. I then satin stitched the other edges.

The flowers were white, I just 'painted' these with felt tips to make them pink, [you can do whatever colour you like of course. I will let you hahahaha Make sure they are well and truly dry before attaching to your card though, particularly if it is white or cream.] They are wired flowers so you can bend them to how you want them to be placed. I used mono filament thread and zigzagged over the stems for a short length.

The flower pot I made with a piece of washing up cloth I bought from the pound shop, it is like thin felt. I first coloured it purple but didn't like it so went over it with brown, dabbing the felt tip on so I got the 'mottled' effect. You could just use a piece of brown felt I guess, but I think this looks nicer. I straight stitched round the pot - not the top though, at least I don't think I did the top!!

The little card - I cut a piece of thin pelmet vilene 1/2" x 1", folded it in half, stuck a piece of fabric on it, then wrote MUM on the front and inside...'with love'.................[you of course can put what you like!! I will let you. hahahaha] I attached this little card to the main part by stitching inside just down the fold, so it stands free as it were.

Then I just finished the card as I do all my others, see tutorial elsewhere on Blog for that info.

TA DA. Finito.

Hope this helps anyone out who wishes to make one. :-)


Mary said...

These are so cute! I just love how fun postcards can be.

Marty's Fiber Musings said...

Love your little pretties...and thanks for the "how to"

Reflections of life and art said...

You are a doll my friend...thank you for the instructions...I will be making one of these for my MIL for Mother's Day...she will love it...oh, I can make one for my DIL too now that she's a mom!!


jan said...

Hello Everyone,
You are all most welcome. Thank you for the kind comments. lol Jan xx

Lynn said...

Sweet ATCs Jan...and your little girl with flowers in her hair is the sweetest of all. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,
i found your blog via quilting gallery as your photos in flickr do not mention your blog. Great blog!
Now i can try your instructions.
You will find my PO-address on my homepage. Best wishes! Elisabeth from Austria

jan said...

Hi Lynn,
OOPs they are Postcards me dear. Not to worry. Reb does look sweet doesn't she. :-)

Hello Elisabeth, glad you found me, I will try and put my Blog on the Flickr site. Sorry me dear.

rlbates said...