Sunday, 15 March 2009


Just look at this beautiful card I have received from my lovely friend Susan in Liverpool
She makes the most amazing cards, so simple yet so classy.
Many, many thanks to you Susan :-) xxx

and then I receive yet ANOTHER beauty,
this time from Cynthia in USA,
this is for the END OF THE RAINBOW swap,
I love this, isn't it clever
thank you Cynthia...

The following are cards I have made for various swaps I am in...
free machine embroidered butterfly, with bead embellishments...

Flower pot with Daisy...

These I have made for my Post Lady, she saw the one above and loved it
so much, she commissioned me there and then to make two for her, in pink,
as Mother's Day Cards for her Mum and MIL, the tiny card
on the window sill opens up to say, with love;
oh yes, the flowers are the same as above, I just coloured these with felt tips,
hope she likes them...

Round and round and round...

Various 1 - 2 - 1 cards...

I have been working on a card for my friend Brenda, in Australia, it is for the next theme for the Popular Patchwork Forum Postcard swap, which is, BOOK. I ummed and ahhed about this for a while then 'ping' Rebecca said something to me and voila. Well, I cant show you yet cos I want it to be a surprise for her, and I think she reads this Blog. Sorry. It has taken me two days to make! Eck!


Reflections of life and art said...

Wow!! Love the cards you've received but the one's you made are as always beautiful!!
The MUM cards are amazing....I may have to copy that one for my MIL this that Grandma is gone, she's the one that loved all of my handmade items, I guess she will get them!
I know she will love it!!
Thanks for sharing!


jan said...

Glad to be of help lol jan xx