Monday, 23 March 2009


My friend Elisabeth in Austria thought I had written a book. Sadly no...not yet anyway!!! Maybe I will one day who knows. I told her that I had been in print though. So here are the magazines to prove my moment[s] of fame. They are all German Magazines by the way.

24 Days to go - Designed and made by me for Makower
[I was thrilled to be on the front cover]

Come on, Let's Play - Designed and made by me for Makower
[and again on the front cover]

I was sent this next magazine as they had printed one of my quilts
on the Back Cover. [Haha]
I thought that was really nice of the Magazine to do that.

I think this Magazine was a kind of bumper bundle of favourite Quilts
and they printed my 24 Days to go quilt again.
So sent me a copy.

It was very exciting to be in print, hard to do, but great fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janet, thanks for the honor of being mentioned in your blog!
I send you some warm sunrays form Vienna, Austria! Yours Elisabeth

Angela said...

Woohoo, look at you - you're famous!! Which country are the magazines from? I love the advent calendar - what a great idea :o)


jan said...

Hello Elisabeth, Oh boy do we need that sunshine, it is out here but the wind that is with it, is soooo cold. Thank you for visiting my Blog. Nice to hear from you. :-)

Hi Angela, Nah, not famous, just lucky they liked my Quilts. I was hoping they would put more of them in but not to be!!! :-( The magazines are German ones, so of course all the instructions are in German too, but Ive probably got it in English somewhere if you would like a copy. Twas easy to do, cos I only do easy things. ;-)

Reflections of life and art said...

WOW....look at you...I'm not surprised should be featured in more!! Your work is beautiful and so, so inspiring...right down to your fpcs! You should send pics to the magazines here in the states....would be nice to see you in print here.....:-)

"Let's Play" is so darn cute!


jan said...

These are my own designs Noel. I have a lot more that are waiting to be done, just can never find the time to get round to them. Hohum.
You can actually play noughts and crosses, or tictactoe for you across the pond, as they are on velcro.
great fun to make, also the poem!! lol jan xx

jan said...

Forgot to say, I loved the way the people at the magazine displayed these quilts, Very artistic don't you think?

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Wow! You are famous. I love the quilts. Awesome.

jan said...

Hi Phyllis, just lucky they liked these two. None of the others appealed, or, maybe they weren't offered!! Who knows!!

Kerstin said...

check it out Janet. Famous. you know I got all those Magazine. I never relised it was you that designed those things. Im of to my bookshelf.

wtg Janet. keep it going .


jan said...

Hi Kerstin, these were a few years ago now, maybe you wont have them!! I was thrilled they were published. :-)