Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Here I am then, back, like a bad penny as the saying goes!! Thank you for the comments left by you lovely ladies in the previous post, appreciate them.
Just look at what was waiting for my return...... Lots of lovely squishies.
I have entered another wonderful swap on Popular Patchwork Forum. This is a FRIENDSHIP BLOCK SWAP, there are 14 of us and we each can choose what we would like the others to send by way of the swap. I have chosen AMISH style and the theme SQUARES... I have requested that NO Yellow or White or even Black be used and that only PLAIN fabric be used...
Here are the first three I have received...

What a wonderful first block I opened from Alison, she put a note in that I could turn the centre squares if I chose to, no way, I have very happy with the way they are Alison, Many thanks to you...

My next block I opened was from Ros, A Friendship Star no less... Ros asked me if there are enough squares for me!! hahaha, it is just great Ros, thank you. She also said she found it difficult NOT being able to use Yellow!! and all those points!! Great job Ros, I love it.


The third squishy I opened contained this one from Tessa, she informs me this is called 'Corner 9 Patch signature' As I didn't wish the ladies to sign their blocks, she removed the signature part and put a star in its place, how neat is that? In the picture it is showing almost white, its not it is beige, many thanks to you Tessa, another great block.


Just a note about the signatures. I opted for the ladies NOT to sign the blocks as I will be putting all their names in the Quilting when I get all the blocks joined. I like to do it that way, I hope I didn't offend anyone by this choice!!!!! It was interesting to see how you all interpreted the Amish style, and sorry you didn't like just using Plains girls.

So there we are a really good start to my Friendship Quilt I think, don't you?


Also on the Popular Patchwork Forum, we have started a new Postcard Swap. This time there were so many folk sign up to it, Katy has made some of us 'list moms'. I am one such list mom! My group is Group 5, in it are; ROS - ANGELA - MARIAN - PAMELA - JANET

the first theme, chosen by Katy was

Here is the first card for our group, it is from Pamela to me...
Thank you so much Pam, great job, I love it.



~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Jan,
Glad you are back. I missed you.
Looks like you have lots of fun goodies to play with.

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan, Its been soooooo quiet without you!! We really missed you! Ros

jan said...

Hi Phyllis it is really good to be back. Wasn't I luckt to get such great post.

Hi Ros, You will make everyone think I natter on.....OK so I do! hahaha good to be back I missed everyone too. lol