Friday, 20 March 2009


This Postcard Holder was designed by my friend Brenda, who lives in Australia, she is very talented as you can see. I had a go at making one, and found her instructions to be very clear to follow. Great stuff Brenda. This was so quick to make, I am thrilled with the outcome. I have added a few 'bits' that I thought applied to the people who sent the cards to me. Hope you like what I added girls. All these cards were made by ladies from the PP Forum Postcard swap.

From the top..
this card from Helen was for the HOLIDAY swap we did,
my additions are the stamps,
as this view was in England, there are English stamps either side...

Katy made this card for the REGION swap,
the stamps added here are,
on the left,
a pantomime stamp as the cat also reminds me of them,
on the right,
an Angel stamp, cos I think Katy is an absolute Angel
for sorting out the Forum for all of us...

Get the idea?
This card was from Angela,
such a talented lady, we do have a lot of them on the Forum,
this was for the SCIENCE swap, isn't it great!
on the left is an English stamp, cos Angela is English (I hope!!),
on the right
is a Votes for Women stamp,
when they got the vote it changed the World,
bringing the link right back to this card...

Brenda made this card, also for the SCIENCE swap,
it really makes me laugh out loud this card, click on it and see;
The stamps either side are Australian ones, yep you got it,
Brenda lives in Australia...

My last card is from Tessa, the theme is BOOKS,
she did a shelf for me, isn't that just great!
the right hand stamp is a 2p English one
cos Tessa lives here now, her second choice of homes,
the one on the right is from Canada as she is from there.

I had great fun matching the stamps to the ladies, I was so pleased I had kept all my stamps from envelopes. I just knew they would come in handy one day.
Right at the bottom, the stamp in the middle, under Tessa's card is No.1`
thought that appropriate for this
my FIRST Postcard Holder.
Thank you Brenda.


Reflections of life and art said...

WOW, what a great the cards too and the stamps that you added!
My favorite one is the IVF one with the little babies and you know who made the fabric?
janet, your creativity is so inspiring to me!


Angela said...

This looks great Jan! I must do one myself while I'm off work this week.
And yes, I am English - I've just found my birth register on the Ancestry records, so there's the proof!

Maggie R said...

Hi Jan..
I always enjoy my visits here nad thanks for visiting me.....
I LOVE this PC Holder.... Great idea....and the post cards are lovely too...

jan said...

Hi Noel,
These cards were SENT to me, they are not my cards. well, they are my cards, just not ones I made. I will ask Brenda if she knows the fabric manufacturer for you. It was Brenda's idea too the hanging. Its great isnt it. I am thrilled with it.
:-) jan

Hi Angela,
Hee hee you do make me laugh. It is so easy to make, you will soon whip one up.
I tried to enter your give away on your Blog, but it just kept crashing my computer. I just cant access it at all. I am very cross about it. Gona ask my IT man about it. :-( jan

Hi Maggie,
As I said up above to Noel, the hanger is Brenda's idea and the cards have all been sent to me by various ladies, all from the PP forum swap.
Nice to see you again. :-) jan