Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Today, I made a start on all the magazines I have accumulated.....OH many? They are all in those magazine files, but they are all different, and in my new tidy regime, this is not good. So I have been covering them, first I covered some with some nice green paper I had; after I had done 5 or 6, I decided I didn't like that at all. SO, guess what I have chosen to use instead? Bog standard Brown wrapping parcel paper, the dull side. It is just great. I like the look and am hoping I shall get the rest done tomorrow. I shall get them all labelled then take the photo so you can see how I have done them. I am wishing it were tomorrow now as I want to get on with them.
I see my friend Noel has started on her sewing room now, see it here Artfull Living maybe I have started a chain reaction. Hahahaha Good girl Noel. You know it makes sense. I wonder who will be finished first?


Angela said...

You've got me started on my fabric - that will NEVER end ;o)

jan said...

hahaha I havent started on my fabric ....yet doing the mags first they are taking forever. ;-)

Reflections of life and art said... all means you will my friend....never set foot in the room yesterday and today doesn't look much!
Best laid plans are always set aside for something better!!

jan said...

Still doing the mags, so many.....