Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I made these four blocks this evening, I have to tell you I loved making them, I love the look of them too, once you adjust your straight eye that is!! Such freedom. Great stuff, I shall have fun making more, but do pop over to my friend Ros's Blog and view hers, cos they are really gorgeous. I am going to rethink my fabrics, thanks Ros for the idea.

Oh, these are for the BUSH FIRE QUILTS APPEAL.

Annette is busy making Hexagons, I cant remember how many she has done so far, but this evening apparently she cut out a load more.


Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan,
I love your wonky blocks! Its so difficult to 'let go' isn't it and do the wonky bit - but then not to let go too much and end up with a mess. I keep popping over to the Bush Fire website for ideas. I bought a £2 bag of scraps the other days and I'm just working my way through them, so there is a lot of variety in the fabrics. Did you notice the lovely bit of batik I photographed them on. It has amazing colours and fish motifs on it. It was to have been the backing for my batik quilt, but its too big and I can't bring myself to cut it smaller. Ros

Lynne said...

I like wonky.

Maggie R said...

Goodmorning Jan,
I love these wonky blocks.. Looks like a good time making them...
Hope you have a great day

jan said...

Hi Ros,
That is such a beautiful piece of Batik don't waste it on the back of something. Gosh I cant believe you bought some scraps, why didn't you let me know, I could have sent you some, silly girl. Love your blocks, they are so much prettier than mine, I like the way you used more fabrics in them. Going to 'nick' that idea :-) jan

Hello Lynne,
and welcome to my Blog, I hope you enjoyed your visit, do call again. Glad you like the 'wonkies' Great fun to make, once you forget to be strict about them. :-) jan

Hi Maggie,
They are slightly addictive I am afraid, I can see me doing a quilt in many colours using these little 'wonkies'. I am getting behind in all my stuff at the moment, I haven't fogotten I owe you. lol jan ((((hugs))))

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Jan,
I love the colors that you chose for your wonky stars. Really pretty.

jan said...

Hey Phyllis, they were such fun to make and the freedom of them. wahey. :-)