Saturday, 7 March 2009


Hubby had a really busy day in the garden today, I'm afraid I was really lazy today, I felt so tired I haven't a clue why, apart from maybe the acupuncture I had yesterday!! Does that make you tired I wonder! He seemed to get on better without me there anyway, apart from pointing where I wanted the plants to go. Yes. Time to do some planting at last. He has creosoted the bottom fence, nice and black now. Also the side fence which is ours, her painted/creosoted a nice dark brown, I was sick of the red cedar. He says it is growing on him. I love the smell of creosote so kept wandering into the garden.

This first picture shows the Ceanothus we already have being tied to the trunk or a nearby tree, it was leaning right over as the conifer had pushed it over. Maybe it will regain its upright, maybe it wont, we shall see. Just trying to 'coax' it a bit.

This is more or less the same view, showing the planting he has done, also, see the fences, very smart now. Ceanothus' and Clematis' have been planted in situ, along with some Polyanthus, that we are hoping will 'naturalise' down there amongst the Snowdrops and other bulbs that I - OK He - will be putting in. The trunk from the thinnest of the trees has been nailed to the others to give the plants something to grow up, also to try and blot that horrid view. Annette said, will they be covered by Sunday......Corse they will!!!

This next picture is almost the same as the last I know, but you can see the horrid red cedar fence of next doors, our new brown is much much better. Don't you agree?

This basket of bulbs we found under the conifers, how it got there, who knows!!
These will all be planted in the ground when they have finished flowering, poor things.

Here, at long last are my mini Daffodils. Not too many this year, again, I don't understand why this is, maybe I will have these up and replant elsewhere and start afresh next year!

Close up they are fine as you can see, just not many of them.

They were so pretty the first year we put them in, they looked a real treat.
Have to have a good think on this.

This evening I managed to stay awake long enough to make 5 more Wonky Star blocks, bringing my total to 9. I have decided I will use my PINK charm swap pack from the PP forum, to make wonky star blocks for the BF appeal..........that's BUSH in the side bar.

Thursday I had the first of my Acupuncture treatments, I had 12 needles altogether, 6 each side, from hands, up arms to neck, I bet I looked like Herman Munster with the needles in my neck. I was warned they may leave bruises!! it --my neck-- may hurt quite a lot for a couple of days, because it has been stirred up I guess. Oh Joy. It has ached a bit, felt a bit weird, but I just feel so tired. So on that note I am off to my bed. Goodnight everyone, hope you enjoy my news so far.



Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan, I think you're very brave having acupuncture! I hope it brings some relief in the coming days. Hubby had accu several years ago and it worked very well. Your garden is really coming along - it will look a picture in the summer with all those lovely plants. Like you, I dislike red cedar paint! Our faded fence (which I quite liked) got painted with the stuff with a spray gun (as did everything else! Ros

Anonymous said...

Keeping everything crossed for you that your accu works,

Garden is looking good.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

I love those little Mini Daffodils.
Hope the accupuncture works. I had it a few years ago. I don't remember that it made me tired. Maybe it makes your body relax. That might be why you feel tired.

jan said...

Hi Ros,
I am sooo glad the red cedsar has gone, really naff!! Ive had acupuncture several times in the past for various things, I have high hopes of this, I don't think I will get any movement back in my neck, but if it eases the pain, I shall be more than happy. :-)

Hi Joan,
many thanks for that me dear.

Hi Phyllis,
as I said they are not so abundant this year for whatever reason, so I am going to buy loads and loads and loads and get hubby hohoho planting out there. I love daffs, large or small. They always make me smile. :-) jan

Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

Finally managed to join your followers. Some blips and another name kept cropping up - wotever - it now seems OK.

Hope the acupuncture works for you. Am seeing doc on wednesday about my right shoulder. Nothing seems to work - except rest. Had expensive physio - waste of time.

Glad to be back so I can see wot you're getting up to Jan! Keep up the good work.

jan said...

Hi Babs, I am so pleased you are back with us, have missed you you know. Hope all goes well for you on Wednesday. Next lot of acu for me on Thursday. Take care lol jan xx