Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Today [Tuesday]
I received two more blocks today for the
Friendship swap I am in.

This little beauty is from Margaret, isn't it a corker...


Angela sent this one to me, I believe it is the Bento Box pattern!
I am promising myself to make the Bento Box one of these days
I digress...
Thank you to both you ladies for two more super blocks for my Amish Quilt.


Isn't it strange...have you picked up on it like me!! They are all using more or less the same blue. Now that is odd. I wonder if they got together and chose it deliberately? Hmmmmm


Also in Tuesday's post I received this little QTC from Lori in America. I have to say I think she was very brave to send this one!! I think I would have been too worried, just in case.....

The theme was for 6 things.....I was really 'thrown' by the front picture,
but Lori has written on the back.....6' under. Aha I see now.



Susan said...

Hi jan

Have to say when I saw this QTC it threw me a bit until I read the I have to say its very clever well done Lori.

jan said...

hahaha yep bless her, Lori makes some fantastic cards, this one definitely threw me off kilter for a mo, until I read the back.