Thursday, 30 April 2009


It worked.


Right, whilst it is in a good mood I will pop the other pictures up.

This is a plant Suzanne has bought for me, I cant wait for it to get to look like this
it is called Sidalcea - Party Girl...

This is a picture of an Acupuncture needle
I had 12 of these in my arms and neck whilst having the
treatment for my neck problems.
Fine until they were turned...

A QTC from Ann in Germany
a swap from Fabricards - it was for 9 things,
thank you Ann it is great...

A real surprise card I have received from KR in America
I used to belong to the same group as KR but left;
This is KR and myself, we were always the last two up late at night
chatting to each other.
I will be in touch again soon KR meantime
thank you for my lovely card...

Printing on Voile..
from Tessa, off the Popular Patchwork Forum,
very interesting this,
thank you Tessa...

So many things I have received of late, I really do consider myself extremely lucky.
I have met wonderful people since doing this Blog.
They have been so generous to me, and I really don't know why, but,
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Reflections of life and art said...

Jan, that needle looks nasty...did it work? I have heard pros and cons on this procedure...I think I would like to try it myself tho!
The card from KR is so fitting for you two night!


Di said...

What a beautiful plant. Sooo glad blogger is behaving and letting you post your piccies. Was beginning to feel paranoid!!!

jan said...

Hi Noel,
It does look a bit gruesome doesn't it? I have to say though, you don't really feel much, it is so quickly put in as it were. It helped me enormously with the pain, but sadly, they cannot give me any mre movement with my neck. Too late. Damage done, irrepairable! If you need it, have it done, I swear by it. My painkillers I take have gone from taking 8 to 4. Hope to get it lower soon. lol Jan xx

Hee hee Di, that was sooo weird wasn't it?