Thursday, 2 April 2009


Yet another block has arrived for my Friendship Quilt
I am so lucky, that is every day this week...

This little corker is from Cath, many thanks I love it...



Today I received an email from my lovely Friend Judy in America. I haven't been very good at keeping in touch as I should, sorry Judy :-(
Judy has sent me some pictures of her work, and I know she will allow me to put them here, as she has let me do it before. I just want you all to see her fabulous work. Thank you Judy for the pictures and I will be in touch soon. Promise.

This was made by one of Judy's friends for her as a gift,
a sewing machine cover, WOW...

AHA I recognise some of these...they are the QTC RAINBOW swap
I started on Pizzazz group. I can see some of mine in there Judy,
they look great all together, I must get mine done,
Have a look
further down my messages and you will see a really neat hanging
for Postcards and the like, designed by my Australian friend Brenda...

At first I thought these were cushions, but NO,
they are super Bags, love these Judy...

More Postcards made by Judy, for Easter I think...

OMG Judy, this is amazing, such movement,
WOW and double WOW,
I love it to bits, well done...

Believe it or not, this looks to be
Paper Foundation Pieced...
Amazing work Judy...

Having a guess that the background of this is PFP then
Applique on the top.
Brilliant, the colours just POP...

Thank you so much Judy for sharing with me. I am so proud to be able to share your work with whoever pops in here to read my Blog. I do hope you all enjoy seeing Judy's work as much as I do. She is, as you can see, a very talented lady.


Leah said...

Wow, Judy does wonderful work. Thanks for sharing her photos. :)

Reflections of life and art said...

What a wonderful gallery of beautiful work by Judy. I love the sewing machine cover. Judy's display of fabric qtc's gives me an idea on how to display mine.
Thanks for sharing Judy's work Jan!


Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan, Judy's work is really stunning. Thank you for sharing! Ros

Anonymous said...

Thanks for comment re chemo and your friends daughter.
Situation here is not good - with limited life span. Lymphoma + bowel cancer + 6 tumours on liver means every day is a bonus and the chemo is merely palliative care. First session caused heart attack and seizures - now on a reduced dose.
Didn't want to put real situation on my Blog - hence my reply to you here. Hope you don;t mind.

Love, Babs xx

jan said...

Judy very graciously lets me post her work on my Blog as she doesnt have one and I told her people ought to see her work it is exquisite isn't it. Most of them are miniature works too. The mind boggles!!!!

jan said...

I am so sorry to hear all that, it does look to be pretty grim for you. Just know that I am thinking of you and your patient ans wish you both well under the circumstances. Your patient for the horrid treatment he is having, and you for the terrific patience for looking after him. I do admire you Babs.
You are welcome to 'let rip' here anytime Babs, get it off your chest.
lol Jan