Tuesday, 7 April 2009


It is running like a dream. It is quiet, it isn't squeaking or groaning or screeching. I don't know what he did, but it works. Wonderful. I am going to have to have it checked over properly before too long though as he said there is a bit inside that should actually be still or fixed or something !!!! BUT, oops, it is flapping around like a mad thing. So I guess that is probably not good and is going to cost an arm and a leg. I keep putting the moment off.

Noel I don't have Rebecca's machine here anymore, she took it home as she wanted to use it, and we never got round to it here. So her mum is showing her, I am a bad Nana!!! Further down you will see what she made today.

I made a start on Jean's quilt, I have done the centre of it, just in the ditch as she didn't want a lot of quilting on it. Do the borders tomorrow, then the binding. Sorted. Wahey!!

Thanks girls for your comments, nice to know some folk read my ramblings!. hahahaha


In the latest issue of Popular Patchwork Magazine there is, on the children's page, a neat little holder for a DS. Now, Rebecca has a DS and when she saw the article, she raided my fabric stash and pulled out two she liked. Pink of course, her DS is pink too!!! Here are photos taken by her mum of her making her holdall, on her machine my friend Pat gave her.

You are allowed to smile Rebecca...

Good girl, on the edge...

Great hand positions...

How many pins? But at least you are smiling...

Great job...

Think this is the 'turning through' part, just look
at the concentration...


Well done Rebecca, it is looking good.
Nice fabric!!!!

Mummy showed you well.



Rosa-Munda said...

Well done Rebecca, nice work! I can see you are another expert sewer in the family! Ros

Anonymous said...

That is super duper Rebecca, like the fabric.


Sue Wild said...

Well done to Rebecca for making a cover for her DS.It makes it more personal to her. I have a red DS (for Brain Training, so it doesn't go rusty (lol!)) and have looked at the DS cover since getting Popular Patchwork last weekend. So much better than the horrible plastic things for storing them in!

Reflections of life and art said...

OK have no idea what a DS is....give this lady a hint...please....hee hee...but what ever it is she did a great job making it...like the fabric!!
She has your talent Janet, that you passed down to your daughter and she passed it on to her daughter....VBG!


jan said...

Hi Ros and Joan,
She made a good job of it too I saw it the other day and it is perfect.

Hi Sue,
I have a go on her DS sometimes with the BT one, it gets me cross when it is slow tho, hahahaha Sometimes I dont apparently do the numbers correctly for it. Tch!!!

Hey Noel,
Gosh I thought you were into all this technology lark. It is a little squarish thingy you play games on. I don't know much about it to tell truth, I do play the BT game on it tho as Sue says, just to keep the old grey cells going!! hahahaha Yep that was a piece of my BRAND NEW fabric, just out of the env which she took a fancy to. ho hum! What are Nana's for eh!