Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I have a WINNER
it is ANONYMOUS - well done, I am guessing
you are Katy ....?
Please email me your address and I will send them to you
along with some other little thing,
just for fun.

It went from this....

to this....

and here they are...

I am posting pictures of some of Annette's work, she is my younger daughter as you all know by now. She has been working quietly and steadily and managed to get two more completed items, with two others well on their way to being done.

This is a Baby Quilt/Play mat for one of the lady's she
works with who is expecting a 'surprise' baby...

This little gem was made from the Charm square swap
at Popular Patchwork, I love this it is great Annette....

Rebecca bought her mum, for Mother's Day,
a pack of charm squares at my last group meeting,
this is the result...

Here is Annette's first Soldier Quilt,
well on it's way to getting quilted...
Some Soldier is going to love this one.

Well done Annette.



Package winging it's way to AUSTRIA for Elisabeth


Package winging its way to SOLIHULL for Bev

Fingers crossed these get to you.

I need some addresses, my lovely little Susan in Liverpool, I know you have moved, also, I need Maggie in Canada's address. In my massive tidy up I have mislaid my address book, hopefully a temporary thing, I have something for you two and they are already to go.


Reflections of life and art said...

yeah...someone guessed it....woo hoo!!! Never would have guessed it!!
Nice quilts!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry , can't seem to find your e-mail address .I'm not used to using blogs , so may be looking in the wrong place, either that or I'm totally dim lol


jan said...

Hi Katy, thats OK, I will get back to you on this.

jan said...

Hi Katy, right if you click on my picture you see here, the little blue square, it takes you tomy profile, click on send email, and do that, send me an email. Hope that explains it for you Katy. Look forward to getting your address. Are you a patchworker? Tell me a little about yourself in the email. lol Jan

Anonymous said...

Well done Katy, enjoy your prize,
Take care


Cath (Katy) said...

Thanks Jan ,
I've sent you a couple of e-mails , so hopefully all soted now . ;D

jan said...

Hi Tracey, thanks for pointing Cath in the right direction. Bless you. :-)

jan said...

Cath; I've got them many thanks. Will send you your prize!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet, I'm glad to hear this! Cross my fingers! Best wishes Elisabeth

Anonymous said...

Dear Jan,

your large envelope arrived this morning. Such a surprise, all that great fabric, and the wonderful card.
I was gifted like a queen, royally!
Many thanks! . Elisabeth

jan said...

Pleased its arrived Elisabeth. You are very welcome. Was my pleasure. lol Jan