Tuesday, 14 April 2009


The guessing goes on, because no-one has got it right yet. I will leave it on here for a little longer, but to be fair, I will put something else with it when someone guesses it right as it isn't very much at all. I am trying to think of a clue I can give you without giving it away completely, I am racking my brain. I cannot think of a thing just yet. I am so stupid sometimes. I don't know, what shall I do with me. I have just thought of something, you see if I put my mind to it, I can do it. Ha ha, you are all going to think I have gone completely mad cos the clue is there, in all that writing, I have managed to give you a whopping clue, I really have. In fact, I have given you 16.........
Annette has just told me I am not being fair to you, as you don't know what I used to make! I cant think if I have put it on here at all, what I used to do that is. There are 5 more clues though.


Today I have been a busy busy girl. I decided to wash Annette's curtains she brought up for me to do the other week, as it looked as though it was going to be a good drying day. It was, and they did, they just need a really good press now, I will do that another day. I got ALL my ironing done, including the stuff I did today, apart that is from the curtains!

I finished my friend Jean's quilt, the binding went on easier than I expected after all, so I was pleased about that. My machine was making an absolutely hideous noise as I was doing this, even hubby heard it out in the garden! It was that loud. I shall have to get it to the machine doctor before long. She didn't want a lot of quilting on it so I just went in the ditch, then did some curvy lines with a twin needle on the border. Hope she likes it.

Close up of the corner to show the twin needle quilting,
first time I had used it, done freehand, so a bit wobbly!!!!

I have packaged up something for my friend Elisabeth in Austria, ready for the Post, I will get a card to her, I will not let the post office naughty people beat me!!! I have also got a small package ready for another new friend, Bev, she hasn't made cards before so I have made a little package up for her of the sort of things I use for my cards.

Hmm what else did I do, oh yes, I joined all the squares I cut out the other day into large squares. 4 x 4, so they are 16" squares now. Thinking bout what Kim said the other day and still laughing about it. Just got to do what she was suggesting then they will be possible two more Soldier quilts. Cheers Kim! Funny but the machine behaved perfectly when doing these. I wonder what it was about Jean's quilt it didn't like!!!!

Hubby got the dinner this evening, whacko, I started a new book whilst he was doing it. What a grand life I do lead!! I also took this photo of Blue Tits having a bath, actually there was only one at first then just as I was about to take the pik, another joined in. This was taken, through closed patio doors and the glass of the sun room, really pleased with this shot.

Then, this evening was great as I was chatting to Leah on Skype. It was just lovely to chat away to her, live, when I say chat, we were sending instant messages to each other. It was really good. Hope we will be able to do it again, I know she is a very busy girl, unlike me, lazy old girl!!! DO NOT ANSWER THAT. lol



Di said...

I like the twin needle quilting.

Anonymous said...

Are they eyes?
katy.corner@hotmail.co.uk (no blog)

Reflections of life and art said...

I love Skype...had it here but I couldn't get anyone to download it in the states so we could talk.
Ok I'm making another guess...is it candy of some sort....I know you don't eat that right.....lol!

maggi said...

Have no idea what this is but I do love the colour of that quilt.

Reflections of life and art said...

Ok went back a read the post more carefully....it's something you don't make anymore....oh putts...I give up....I can never guess these things even if you were to give me the answer...I'd probably say no that's not it, it has to be something else....ahahahahaha!
Well, whoever guesses it...they shoud get a metal...LOL!!

jan said...

Hi Di, thanks it was fun to do.

jan said...

Hi there Maggi,
thanks for that, its not one of mine, just quilted it for a friend, but it is my kind of colours.