Thursday, 23 April 2009


Today, just before he went to work, hubby announced he was going to get the carpet I wanted for my sewing room at the weekend and lay it. YESSSSS.
Then I thought; OH NO, I have got to move ALL this stuff out so he can rip up the old worn out one and lay the new one. Do I really want a new carpet?
You betcha.
So I rang Annette and we have worked out where to put all the stuff, we have it planned like a military manoeuvre.
Time passes..................
Went in the garden and actually did a little hoeing, and pulling up of a few weeds and grass. Looked at the plants that are coming along nicely.

Suzanne came up with two new plants for me, blow it I didn't take any piks. Tomorrow...
She also brought up the door curtain she is making for her FIL. Wanted me to cut some bits for the sides for it and the backing. Hmmmm, that you see is where my time goes. It took ages to cut the fabric for her, she is using a King size sheet she bought from Wilkinson's for the back. I told her that would be the cheapest and best option. The size of the door curtain itself is, well b****y enormous. His door must be huge!! She bought TWO king size sheets and one single. Bit over the top you think.....Hmmm, I used the two King size ones. The single one is going to Rebecca for her bed. Cos, yes, you guessed it, it is pink. VERY pink. She will love it. Bother, I didn't take a picture of the curtain either. Not concentrating you see.

Anyway back to my sewing room, I had been sorting out the pizza boxes from yesterday, assembling them and filling them. I have done 14 so far. Got 11 left. Gosh they are big!!! hee hee
Anyway, the room is in a right old pickle as I have stuff all over the place, time passes....
hubby comes home and I am so excited about the carpet etc, that I ask what day he was thinking of doing it.

WHY? he says.

So we can move the stuff out for you. says I.

Oh, I may not do it if the weather is nice, I may do the garden instead.


Big blue cloud over Northampton reported on the NEWS this evening.

Grrrrr it had better rain this weekend.


Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan,
Here's hoping for a downpour!

maggi said...

Sounds like you have been busy. At the moment the forecast for Saturday here is heavy rain and sunny on Sunday. Mind you yesterday it forecast rain for Sunday as well - how quickly things change.

Angela said...

It'd better NOT rain in the Lake District tomorrow - DH is walking the hills and giving me a full day to sew ;o)

I hope you get your carpet down - don't let him out of the house if the weather's nice until he's done it ;o)

jan said...

Hi Ros, thanks for that hee hee

Hi Maggi,
ours was that the other day, now they are saying tomorrow, Saturday is going to be fine but rain on Sunday. I'm gona get me a iece of seaweed.

Oops Angela,
OK, Brilliant weather is expected for the LD but in N'pton it is going to be coming down Stair rods...... I hope. hahahaha
Phew as to your last comment, Fat chance of that. Mind you if it means he weeds the garden I guess I cant complain can I? Or can I?
Not sure which is the lesser of the two evils.
Thank you girls, we shall see.