Monday, 20 April 2009


Well, blow me. It is the Sun! It has been a glorious day today folks. The sun shone all day, I got all my washing done and dried and ironed and put away. PHEW! Most of it I have to tell you was fabric - hahahaha. Lots of it for the backs of the Soldier Quilts.

I pressed the fabrics I 'mono printed' the other day for my journal pages. I also pressed the ones Rebecca did for me. Do you know the ones she did are going to be usable, mine are not!!! Mud again!!! I am obviously not cut out to be an 'arty farty' type of quilter. Hope no one takes offence at that, but I just feel I am a bog-standard-traditional-most-of-the-time-quilter, when all is said and done. I know what I like, and painting ain't one of em. I have given it my best shot though. I have painted, and printed so much fabric you just would not believe. I have kept it all in the hope I will be able to use it somewhere along the line. I hate waste. I do hope later on there wont be another theme such as these! I've lost sleep over the February and March pages.

One of the girls on the Popular Patchwork Forum belongs to the Quilt University, it has been very interesting reading about all the classes she has taken, I visited the site myself last night and was amazed at all of them. There are some I quite fancy myself on there. I wonder........

Here is a link, take a look, very interesting stuff here....


I am wondering if my packages have arrived at their destinations?


Not sure about the colour of this Blog now
may have to change it....again!


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Mary said...

I'm definitely not an arty quilter either but I have fun playing with my postcards - some turn out great -- others, well lets just say Keith's used the term "7th grade arts and crafts project" to describe some of them.