Saturday, 18 April 2009


Well I cant think what I have been doing, I don't seem to have posted anything on here for a while, that cant be right surely. I will have to check that out. I realised I hadn't put up the block I received from Jo for my Friendship Block Swap Quilt. So here it is, along with a cute little brooch she made me which is very nearly the same as the block. Many thanks Jo.


I have now received ALL the blocks for the Friendship Quilt.
I just have mine to make.
I thought I would put the pictures of them here so you can see them all together, apart from mine of course, as I haven't made it yet.
They are NOT in the order I will be joining them, I haven't decided that yet.
This is just to give you an idea of them.
Remember I asked for Amish style, no black, white or yellow to be used,
Any size, Plain fabrics, theme SQUARES.

The one in the centre of the bottom row, is my 'extra' one from Annette.

Now I see them all together, closed up as it were into a sort of Quilt, they look pretty good don't you think? They all look more or less the same size here of course, but they aren't!
I have to work out some borders to bring it all together.
Black will figure greatly amongst these obviously.
Wondering what I shall do as my block, hmmmmmm......

My friend Leah in America, has been in charge of the FABRICARDS group I belong to for a while now. She does a really great job with it, coming up with some fabulous swaps for the Postcards and QTC's. We have been chatting on Skype as she has finally - hooray - downloaded it - it is free folks - anyway, whilst we were chatting the other night she asked if I would be her Moderator on the Group. Gosh!
I have to say, I was going to start up a group last year with a friend of mine, Elaine, also in America, but I became very nervous and dropped out of it. I felt I just wasn't too knowledgeable on the computer just then.
Now though I feel pretty confident I shall make a better job of it. So I have accepted the post. Wish me luck. I don't actually think I have to do very much at all, sounds good though! hahahaha The group is FABRICARDS,

Just in case you are looking to swap Postcards and QTC's......that is Quilter's Trading Cards, just like ATC's Artists Trading Cards, except QTC's are made completely of fabric. I have got to come up with a swap for the QTC's before too long, so am racking my brain at the mo.

I have been painting today. I am trying to catch up with the Journal pages I am doing with the Popular Patchwork Magazine. I have only done the January one so far. The February one is almost finished...hooray....the March one is causing me so much grief.
It is Mono printing. Yes I know, it has been explained to me over and over again. What do I do today? I painted the blooming fabric, NOT the dish it should have been in. Grrr. So back to square one I went.
Sloshed a load of paint in the dish - well its actually a meat tin, serves the purpose ,and no I don't use it for my meat - anyway, in went the paint and I made some marks in it, slapped in some more paint, more marks, etc etc; then I put the fabric on the top and rolled it, lifted it, pegged it on the line as it was a nice day, forgot about the wind though!
Flipping heck, it stuck to itself, I couldn't get it apart, finally managed it but oh what a mess.

Boom boom boom, another bites the dust.

Did another, and another! I now have all these bits of painted, rolled, paint splattered bits of fabric in my sun room, drying over night. Maybe they will look good in the morning.
Then again.....
Watch this space...........


Reflections of life and art said...

Wow what a've been away a bit!!!
First..congratulations on becoming A Mod....I took a peak at the group and you'll do just fine.
I wish I could do fabric cards half as well as you!!!
I'm interested in your fabric journal...your March page sounds a bit like the shaving cream paper I use to make....what fun.....made me laugh about the wind tho...hee hee!!
Can't wait to see your creations!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Jan,
Congrats and good luck as moderator. I know you will do well.
The Friendship quilt is going to be lovely.
Sounds like you have been really busy.
Have a good week.

jan said...

Hi Noel,
You have no idea the struggle I have with these Jornal quilts. The ones that are 'arty farty' really get to me. I am way behind everyone else. I am longing to do the April one, it is machine quilting, and the May one is embellishments, but wont allow myself til I have done these two so and so's.

Hi Phyllis,
I hope I am now up to the job, Leah seems to have every faith in me, bless her.

Thank you both for your good wishes on the M job. :-)