Saturday, 11 April 2009


Yet more blocks have arrived for my
on the PP Forum;
This little beauty is from Kerstin all the way from Germany,
she sent a neat little card she had made for me too,
I will have to scan it in...

This one has come from Anita, again it has travelled a long way
Anita lives in the Nederlands...

This was the wonderful card Anita put in with her block for me...

Thank you ladies
This is a card I have received from the Area Organiser of LINUS QUILTS,
Annette and myself sent a package of fabric and blocks to Tessa on the
PP FORUM, she does loads for Linus, and she gave a lot of it to this lady
to share out, she has written to thank us, isn't that kind of her to do that,
thank you Tessa too I expect you had something to do with it too...

I am just so lucky...
Ros has sent me these wonderful GIFTS..
Some bulbs for my garden;
some selvedges - brilliant;
a postcard of where she lives

Just look at this beautiful pin cushion, isn't it just gorgeous,
many, many thanks Ros, you really shouldn't have you know,
but I'm glad you did - haha -
NO WAY is it to be used for pins though;
I just love it, all of it.
Bless you.

These pictures are of Austria, they came with Elisabeth's Postcard
I forgot to lad them the other day, Wonderful Architecture...

Thank you so much - everyone.

I have been very busy the past two days folding all my fabric, I still have a way to go with it, BUT it is looking good. My sewing room is going to be 'sew' smart,---- couldn't resist that!!---- I have also chosen a new carpet for it. Wahey I am going to be sooooooo posh. Just got to decide on the colour, green or cream-----green or cream------ cream or green----!!!???!!!


I hope you enjoy your visits.


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