Thursday, 23 April 2009


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Last week, on Thursday, Annette, Rebecca and myself went to Betty and Bill's house. Betty had invited us, as she wanted to have a clear out of some of her fabrics. She also wanted Annette to have as many as she wanted of them!! GOSH!

Well, off we went, it was lovely seeing Bill again, I hadn't seen him for many years, he was looking very well too. They both were, Betty had had her 77th birthday the previous day, and Bill will be 88 in August. I hope I look as good as they do when I reach that age!

Anyway Annette had a tour of the house as she hadn't been before. It is gorgeous and the garden is to die for. It really is just gorgeous. I could move in tomorrow, in fact Annette asked if she could!

Off to the fabric choosing we went, well neither of us liked to look too greedy, it was very hard. There was so much stuff. We noticed it was all kept very neatly in some brown boxes!! We could have quite cheerfully had it all and been very happy bunnies, but as we were both brought up not to be 'grabby' we chose just some bits. Betty has an enormous stash of bits and bobs too, but I said we would do those another day - good excuse to go back and see Bill and the house again!

Whilst we were looking around Betty's sewing room - so tidy! - she mentioned she had 4 machines. I kid you not. When she also said she had a Featherweight, I had to see it, what a little beauty. She uses it a lot apparently and she says it has the best stitch EVER. I have often heard that of these machines. And here it is for you to see...

What a gem...

a large, and I mean very LARGE,
puffing billy of a man delivered this to my door today,
after a lot of crashing about in his van, this parcel was thrown out the back,
then dragged up my drive.
I opened the door and said in my haughtiest voice,
"I do hope that hasn't been damaged!"
He huffed and he puffed and coloured up a bit,
'sign ere'
such a pleasant chappie.....
He made as if to go, so I asked him to put the parcel in my hallway...
He said..
'that's blooming eavy that'
So I stepped outside, flexed my non existent muscles,
lifted it into my hallway myself, then said,
'Heavy, hmm not that heavy if I can lift it'
Off he went, mutter mutter mutter;
What he didn't see was me, puffing and blowing cos it was blooming eavy!!!!

Inside the 'blooming eavy' parcel...

Pizza boxes...lots of them...

one made...


in the sewing room...

transformation taking place....

25 for Annette, parcelled up ready to go...

Have trolley - will travel...

You see, I actually blame all this onto Betty.
She told us her stuff in the brown boxes we saw, were Pizza boxes.
Annette found these on EBay, so what is one to do?
So I did.

So instead of me sewing all day as I was going to do, I spent the majority of it, making these up and filling them. When I have done all my labels I will take a picture of it, My room is beginning to take shape. Only taken me a few years to get right!!


maggi said...

What a good idea. All you have to do now is get them labelled. If you are anything like me I always think it is going to be so easy to remember what is in boxes and drawers - not a hope, I guess it must be an age thing.

jan said...

Hi Maggi, I am going through them to double check what is inside each, making a list !!!!! then I will print them out later. Mind you, huby has just told me we are getting the new carpet for my sewing room this weekend.
Can you imagine.....all that stuff, got to come out. Nightmare!!!

Reflections of life and art said...

Oh Janet...thank you for the laugh...I could just imagine your delivery mans' look if you told him what was in the box....poor fella....ahahahahaha!!
Great idea and have fun clearing out your room....we took the carpet out of mine years ago and replaced it with tile....keeps it much cleaner and easier to clean up too!
Take pics when it's done....VBG!
Love ya!!!

Reflections of life and art said...

PS....I didn't get to mail your package out until yesterday...I didn't have the right paper to cover the look for it in a couple of weeks! I'll expalin some of the items in it when it arrives!

jan said...

Hi Noel, answering on main page of Blog. lol Jan x

jan said...

Noel, what I would REALLY like in there are the tiles, but the front of the house is very cold that is why it has to be carpet I am afraid. Have to keep my tootsies warm!!
I am intrigued now by the package you have sent. No dount it will be wonderful, I am so impatient, I want it here NOW.
I will be taking piks all the time, I am being a right pain with my camera he says. hahahahaha
lol Jan x