Thursday, 2 July 2009


The latest Journal page for Popular Patchwork magazine is SUN PRINTING. As the sun is blazing down I thought I had best get on with this one before it disappears never to be seen again.
Out came the paints, and I remembered that stuff I had painted ages ago, and made a mess of, well, I thought, hey use that, paint over the top, what can happen!! Hah!
So I slapped paint willy nilly on the fabrics which I had dampened, then laid them in a tray and placed stuff on top, reels of thread, feathers bits of lace, leaves and long grass from the garden.
I left this stuff, either in the green house or as you can see on the path, weighted down with bottles filled with water.....some fell over...such is my luck at the moment, but there wasn't much wind so all was tickety-boo, or so I thought.
Here is where WOMBAT comes into its own. Of course you know what it stands for don't you...

Waste Of Money Brains And Time

Yep, complete waste of time, I had of course not read the article properly, I used the wrong paint didn't I. So this evening I have ordered the right stuff, and when it comes, well we know what is going to have happened don't we, knowing my luck at the moment, the sun will have gone into hibernation and the storms will be here.
Oh well, maybe next year, I will catch the sun with its hat on once more.

Dark fabric with stuff on - placed in greenhouse...
that's what it is for of course!!!!

more of the same...

light fabric with leaves and grass on - in greenhouse;
this one actually wasn't half bad when 'cooked'
I couldn't get the grass off, so I ran it under the tap to get them off,
most of the paint ran off as well, go on laugh, I did - eventually...

Oh yes, this I slapped paint on then piled another on did the same,
kept going til I had slapped paint on all of the bits I had done before,
placed grasses and whatnot's on them and put them on the path
in the back garden, weighted down with bottles of water..hahaha

see, neat huh?

well OK not a good idea, some of the bottles fell over and water was everywhere,
I took a guess that it wouldn't really matter,
you should see the path now, it is all different colours!
Hubby said,
'what on earth'
or words to that effect.

keep smiling

Update on my missing PP magazine...
apparently it was posted to me on 14th June...
where has it gone?
I don't have it
They are going to send me another one...
in two weeks time...
I have to tell you I do not have this on subscription at the PP magazine direct,
it is through someone else,
guess what I will be doing once I get the missing mag................


Di said...

Do some of your 'magic' thread painting and voila!!! You will have a work of art. I'm hoping wqe will still have some sun at the weekend and will try some out. I like the rice and salt effect.In fact I think I've got some left from last time I tried. Wonder where it is????

searchfamilies said...

I hate it when a magazine you have a subscription for goes missing, i don't have any now if i see one i like i get it but i just don't have the space to keep all of them & it seems a bit of a waste to get them read them then get rid of so i don't bother now much
Hugs Janice

Anonymous said...

Glad it's not just me who has days like this!
Have just signed up for the summertime swap too...need to get the thinking cap on now. Decided a challenge would be good for me! :)


PS Sometimes, I'm anonymous as google doesnt want to know my registered user!