Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I just cant get on with the machine.
Given up.
Fed up.
All gone wrong.
Quilting horrendous.
Bad, bad day.
Hubby says to pack it in!


Mary said...

Sometimes it's just better to stop. We all have those days.

tigsowner said...

A big bar of chocolate and a good book or film - tomorrow is another day! (Well, I tell myself that and sometimes it works! :) )
Hugs, Fiona.

searchfamilies said...

Think Hubby is right sometimes best to just walk away & try again later or the next day
Hugs Janice

Angela said...

Oh Jan don't let it get you down...distance yourself for a while then when you go back to it things will be all good again, you'll see :o) And ignore hubby - mine's always saying that...especially when he sits on a pin or stands on my ruler and breaks it or can't find the Radio Times coz it's buried under a pile of fabric - MEN JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!!
Big hugs xx

Reflections of life and art said...

Jan, hubby's right give yourself a rest...step back for a moment...regroup and then go play with the machine and test it out see what it can and cannot do for you....then try again....I'm sure then you will have better results....not every machine can do what your work horse can do...hee hee....you have to train this one too!!!!


Di said...

Don't give up Jan, remember back to when you got the Bernina!!

Net's Place said...

Rite muvva!!

Sleeves rolled up, clumpy stomping boots on, rock hard!!! Am coming up to yours tomorrow to sort you out!!! Hehehehehehehe!!! Probably end up eating biscuits and drinking tea, jubblies!

jan said...

Hi Fiona, the chocolate didn't work! Isn't it stupid to get so uptight about a machine. This happened when I first had the darn thing, and now it is doing it to me again. Grrrr

Hello mad daughter,
Don't worry I am going to use it for making blocks, I can do them I just can't quilt.
DONT you go bringin up your other machine, cos I dont want it. Ta and all that but not thrilled with the Janomes. Sorry. I will maybe have a look at other machines next week when I am in a better mood.
Mum xxxxxxxx