Wednesday, 22 February 2012


One to be forgotten but will probably be remembered for a very long time.
Rebecca, had to go into hospital today for an operation to remove a tooth that had grown into her jaw.
Only her mum could go with her, so it was a case of waiting for text messages all day of what was going on.
Terrible waiting for news all day.
She went to the hospital at 12 noon, they did the anaesthetic at 4.20 pm she was in theatre for 1 hour 10 mins.
Then it was a matter of waiting till she had eaten and drank something. She couldn't eat without her mouth bleeding which upset her, she had only sips of water. Neither of them had had anything since 6am that morning.
Annette was exhausted, Rebecca was crying, one of the nurses was really rude to Annette. NOT good....
But she is home, they let her go at 10pm, why so long, they hadn't even removed the tube in her hand for the anaesthetic , they did that just before she left.
Just one of the many joys !!!!! of living in Northampton.


Pat said...

I'm sorry for the bad part of today's experience and hope that Rebecca is able to be kept free from pain while recovering from this procedure.

Janice Aitkens said...

Hope she will soon be fully recovered, reason they leave the needle in is in case they have to give her anything else so they don't have to put in another one.
Greg had his hand operation on Monday so his hand/arm is in partial plaster
Hugs Janice

Maggi said...

Poor Rebecca. It's bad enough to have to go through that at any age but doesn't give the young any confidence in the NHS. Tell her she is allowed to feel sorry for herself and I hope she recovers quickly.

Diane-crewe said...

OH dear... shame the nurses did not explain either of them what was going on (can only appologise on their behalf x) As Janice says had they needed to give her anything eg painkillers or antibiotics through the cannula it is much better to use the one she had than take it out and her have a new one . Hope she can put it behind her and enjoy having a mouth thet feels better xx

Cookie said...

oh how terrible, please give Rebecca a big hug from me. I hope she gets better real soon.
hugs Kerstin

Sandy B said...

What a bad experience after the operation for Rebecca and her mother.
Hopefully her recovery will be quick and there will be no lasting memories.

Blood in your mouth is such a horrible feeling too for a little one.
Hope her Gran is ok too.

Anonymous said...

What a stressful day for you all. Hope Rebecca is feeling better today and that you & Annette are more relaxed. It is so difficult to sit back whilst something is happening to a member of the family and you can't do anything to help but offer hugs & sympathy. Hope you all have a good weekend now the worst bit is over.
love to all Carol B x

QuiltandPatch said...

Hope Rebs is recovering well also NN. and yourself of course,what a worry for you.Tale care all of you Love Liz x