Sunday, 26 February 2012


One of the girls on the PP Forum was going into hospital and Katy decided to organise something for her, she was thinking of making a bag to put the somethings in and I volunteered to make one for her. I had had an idea buzzing round my head for ages about a bag design so this was my opportunity to see if it did indeed work. Based on a Hexagon, I wanted it to have lots of pockets and be reasonably big enough inside. I made it as the old fashioned Dolly Bags were made, I was very pleased with the way it turned out, in fact I actually wanted to keep it for myself, so what I did so I couldn't keep it was to put a secret message round the points for Alison, that way it had to go.
Starting on the Green for go pocket it says...
love from
PP Forum
this is a view showing the inside of the bag...
this is the bag closed, love the look of it like this,
looks like beach huts in a circle...
showing the handle in 'long' mode...
and this is 'short' mode handles...
I hope she liked it along with the goodies which were put inside, which was
fabric of course -
I am going to put a tutorial of this on my other Blog eventually

Thank you to everyone who has asked about Rebecca and how she is getting on, what a lovely lot you are. I can say she is doing remarkably well considering what her mouth must have been through. She is almost back to normal chatter, hahaha, and is managing to eat reasonably well she is finding it difficult to keep food to one side of her mouth at times, so I told her it doesn't matter how long she takes to eat, just don't put large amounts of food in her mouth, which at home is fine, but when she returns to school next week, they only have 10-15 minutes for their lunch..hmmm....we shall see.
This is my fabulous Postcard from Marian on the PP Forum -
the swap was for Climate Change/Leap Year/Valentine,
it is all on there...think about it....thanks M I love it, clever girl...
 Some gifts arrived from my lovely friend Ros today,
these are for me, a Lavender sachet which is gorgeous, I have it by my
sewing machine as I am there most of the time, the hexagon is a coaster but
way too pretty to put cups on I have that by the computer as that is the next
place I am to be found, the Cosmos seeds will be popped in the garden soon...
 Rebecca received a Lavender Heart which she is going to hang in her bedroom and some Scottie dog cut outs, which I have my eye on......hahahaha
thank you so much Ros, you spoil us you know.
Yet more stamps arrived for Love Quilts -
these are from Juliet on the PP Forum...
 and these are from my lovely little friend Susan from Liverpool -
can you spot the odd one out?????
 thank you girls, these will go in the post to LQ on Monday.
Not sure if I have mentioned that on the PP Forum, Katy came up with an idea for us to use some recycled Denim. I had to ask Annette for a pair of her old jeans, which are here, cut up ready for use. I started my 'thing' today, one more hour and it would have been done, but I ran out of time so it will be finished tomorrow. Thing is though, I think I have missed the entry date as I have not been on the Forum for a couple of weeks, gave myself a holiday so to speak. Oh well, never mind, I shall finish it tomorrow regardless, shame to waste it now.
I treated myself to some books from Amazon the other day, but I made a right hash of the order, had to get Annette to sort it for me tonight. Which she has, thank you Annette, sorry your mother is so thick!!!! hahahaha


Noel said...

Looks like a fun bag...I'm sure she'll love do such wonderful work.
I'm glad to hear that Reb is doing's always heart breaking when one of our little one's is hurting. Hugs Noel

Cookie said...

the bag looks great. will look forward to your tutorial.
Happy to hear that Rebecca is doing better.

nice gifts you got there

Susan said...

hi Jan sorry I forgot to put a little note in with the stamps. The bulk of the stamps where my nans she was an avid collector. the fact that she worked in a post office for over 22 years probably helped. I can rembemer books full of green sheild stamps and we would sometimes go to the co op with them but I can't remember what she bought. I found them in my dads belongings when he died they where in an old brown envelope. They where just lying in a draw. I saw your post and people sending you stamps so off they went to you. xxx

Diane-crewe said...

I can see why you wanted to keep the bag xx OH WELL! you can make another one. Glad the "invalid" is on the mend xx

Caz said...

Love that bag Jan,, can't wait for the tutorial. Green shield stamps,, OMG,, I remember those,, Mum had loads, and I was allowed to stick them in her book!! Good to hear Reb is okay!

QuiltandPatch said...

Lovely bag Jan and what a good idea to embroider on it for her to always remember us by! Glad too that Reb's is on the mend. love Liz x

Maggi said...

A beautiful bag Jan and such lovely gifts from Ros. Glad Rebecca is coping and improving.

Janice Aitkens said...

Nice bag i am sure it will be loved
Hugs Janice