Thursday, 25 September 2008


I have just had an email from Micki to say the voile's I have sent her STILL HAVE NOT ARRIVED. If she hasn't had them by tomorrow I am over that post office, today, just too bone tired for anything.
If you go to the post that has the title......for will see what is lost.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,

How are you,

Its not good when post goes walkerabout, hope Micki gets it soon,
Does post fly or go by boat there as its only short trip.

Micki said...

Didn't you get my email yesterday that said that it arrived? What's up with the email now? Well, I did get the voiles, and loved them! Now it's your turn to pick what you want so I can buy them for you. I just loved all the wonderful colours and will love using them with my embellisher!
Stop grumbling...all is well...Give me a big smile! You got to admit that the mail in England is not that great. LOL
Well, it arrived on day 10 and the wait was worth it, as it sparkled!
In Ireland

jan said...

Hi Tracey, I do believe this package was strapped to the back of a snail....with no slime to speed it along....yuk!

It has arrived though I have heard from Micki, she has it AT LAST.

jan said...

Hi Micki,
Sorry I have been away have emailed you about it.
I am so pleased it has arrived for you.
The mail here is......cant publish the word!!!!!
If you need more, give me plenty of warning. lol :-)
I'm smiling.