Friday, 12 September 2008



I have tried to catch the different colours as this bear changes to, it really glows. I squashed him into a box, [ouch] then decided to drape it with some of my Sari silk fabric to make it pretty. I hope you can see the colours, it's lovely. Thank you Suzanne.

These are the other prezzies I had, Brilliant, each and every one, thank you Rebecca, Annette, Suzanne and Pete.

What you cant see is the chocolate cake I's all gone. hahahahaha, didn't lose any weight this week, now why was that?


Noel said...

Great Birthday presents Janet!
Love the Siri silks...they are making me drool over!
The bear is too cute!

jan said...

My friend Di will groan, bigtime, about the bear. Again I have so many bears it is unbelievable, another came today from one of Suzanne's friends, Little Di, I am her 'second' mum. Must take a pik of it, he is gorgeous. Why cant blokes be like teddy bears???