Friday, 12 September 2008


These are all my 'Sari' silk fabrics I have, and YES, I do use them, they are notoriously slippery but that is half the challenge! I have made a wall hanging completely with these. Suzanne has it, I will ask for a picture so I can put it on here somewhere.

After using a piece of the blue for the previous post of the bear, I thought I would show you my whole stock of this gorgeous fabric.

Closer look for you.

Pretty aren't they? Oh by the way, YES they do fray, something awful, but I get put up with it because I love these fabrics. Must make something in them, not keep them in the box.


Noel said...

Ok I deceided to leave another comment here about your silks....they are beautiful....what a nice aray of colors too.....lucky girl!!
I see your quilts on your bed....nice....what about the unfinished ones???

jan said...

Thanks Noel, also for the beautiful picture at the side of your name, that has got to be one of my favourites of all time. I bought these many, many years ago, I tend to forget about them because they are stored in that red box. I must make more effort to use some of them.
I took my UFO list off my blog, didn't want peeps to think I was boasting!! So many of them. Hey Noel, choose a colour and you can help me out, I'll send you one. You can finish it and keep it. One done. Yay!! You were supposed to have done this ages ago anyway.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Loved you blog. I'm just getting started with quilting.
Your sari silks are beautiful. I use the sari silk thrums for spinning. Also, the sari silk yarn for knitting. I love the feel of the thrums and the bright colors.

jan said...

Hi Phyllis, thank you for your kind comments, your Blog too is wonderful you know. I had a look for the sari silk thrums, but couldnt find any. The picture on your Blog is just so gorgeous. No wonder you love using them. I must make more effort to use my fabrics.