Saturday, 13 September 2008


Today, I went out for lunch with an old work colleague. She rang me a few weeks ago to arrange this and said it would be her, [Fran] Helen and myself. Well, sadly Helen couldn't make it, so it was just Fran and myself. This is the second time we have met like this. I like it. It keeps me in touch with the outside world, and reminds me how lucky I am to be retired and not having to go to work at Morrison's anymore.
Unfortunately Fran has a long time yet to go before she retires, she is a spring chicken. cluck cluck.
Going out with Fran is like a sunny day, she always makes me laugh and has so much to tell me, and I her, come to that. We just seem to get on really well.
She is also in love. Which is wonderful for her, she deserves this new bloke. He sounds just perfect for her. Saw photos of him today. Nice chap Fran. He gets my approval. He has managed to put the 'bounce' back into Fran along with the smiles.
We parted 2 hours later after saying we would do this again in 4-5 weeks, she will ring me as it is easier for her to arrange these jaunts as I don't have to work, so am more or less always available. We are going to insist that next time Helen comes too. It's ages since I saw Helen for a good old chat.
Reason I am stuffed? We had what they call a 'lite' meal. Then later. I ate my evening meal. PHEW!! The scales will tell me off on Thursday.

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