Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I am having such a great time with Angelina and her friends. I have made about 10 cards using this family and still the ideas are pouring into my head. I cannot keep up with them. Hopefully, tomorrow, when I am back from the hospital I will be able to get the edges done and then I will scan them into the computer and post some piks here.

An old friend of mine, [not in age] came up to see me this evening, her daughter is going to America and had a pair of jeans that needed turning up, she had asked if I would do it. What are friends for? Course I would. Took about 5 minutes. She brought me up a magazine and a book to have. Oh there are some lovely things in the magazine. The book she gave me was a Carol Doak one, on Waistcoats. I went to a Paper Foundation class with Carol Doak, many years ago, and she had a big display of her waistcoats there, I have always wanted to make one, so here we are, now is my chance.

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