Thursday, 18 September 2008


OK I couldn't resist it!

Last night when I told my friend Di I had made an ice cream card she informed me she liked Neapolitan, with sprinkles and an umbrella!!!! What ever next? That has got to be a first in an ice cream surely!!

Anyway, I thought about it and..... NAH! hahaha

I have been sewing again today though, I am now ready with all my samples for my class on Saturday, they whizzed together like a dream. Very pleased with them, A lot of finishing to do before it is a finished item, but that is the story of my like. Another UFO!

Also I made a carrier bag bag for my friend Di to be able to see how to do the handles. Once she has SEEN how they are done she will be able to do them easypeasy. I used some Winnie the Pooh fabric for this one.

I also managed to get out today, legs weren't too bad today! I went over the PO and posted packages to a few people. Guess what though! I only managed to leave the blooming postcards I had ready to go at home!!! DOH! When I collected GD from dance club I gave the to her mum to post for me.

My sewing room has managed to get itself into a terrible mess, I really don't understand how it does it? I am so tidy!!!! You would never believe there is a carpet in there for one thing!! The tables are completely covered in...basically...mess. Tomorrow I may give it a good going through and see how long it takes it to get back into a muddle. My sewing fabric cupboard too is in a bit of a state. I am having to open it very gingerly as everything is tending to fall out now. Who is it who messes this up? Not me! No pictures today.


Noel said...

Jan is that like one of those tropical drinks with the umbrella's in it....hehehe?
What are in those sprinkles...hmmmmm?????

jan said...

I know, I couldn't believe Di used to have an umbrella in her ice cream. Never heard of that before. Flakes yes, sprinkles yes, umbrellas ??!!
It makes you wonder?!
Heehee Hiya Di. She will read this and tell me off. :-)