Wednesday, 10 September 2008


My box of voiles, well, some of them, I have two boxes of them


Micki said...

Teasing me...Oh good, I get some soon...I am still drooling...It is a pathetic sight, but I can't get over it...Well, you are a tease indeed...I am thoroughly teased...I have been tagged and teased...Oh God, what is next?

Micki said...

Now you have been tagged...oh what fun!

palleon53 said...

Jan, what a nice surprise for Micki....what is voiles...they look yummy!

jan said...

Hello again palleon53, hmm, voile's are transparent fabrics that shimmer and sometimes sparkle in the light. If you click on the photos with the voiles in, you will get an enlarged view of them and see what I mean. Go look and enjoy. :-)
Where are you from then palleon53, its lovely to have you here.