Tuesday, 9 September 2008


I had a quiet birthday
No post, no calls for me,
No cards awaiting when I got up
Hubby had forgot, you see.

But not to worry bout it,
Cos Annette came to call,
With cake, and candles ready,
For lighting up the hall!!

Such prezzies she had bought me,
Fabric, thread and wine,
Tis easy to see how,
She is a daughter of mine!!

When Reb came home from school,
Her prezzie she gave to me,
A thread stand for my sewing,
I accepted it with glee.

Twas something I'd wished so long for,
Was surprised she'd thought of it,
She assembled it post haste for me,
It certainly is a hit.

Richard on his bike arrived
To wish me a happy day,
Was good of him to call in
To see me on this day.

Later, Suzanne came by car,
Her prezzies wrapped so well,
Embellishments, and books to read,
They really are quite swell!

Also a Teddie, white of fur,
You press his paw and watch,
He glows and changes colours,
Like many a fabric swatch!

Also a Robbie CD
That I will play so much
I love listening to his music
He has the winning touch!

Then home came hubby and what-dya-know
A card he did produce
I forgot to leave it out said he
Turning the colour of puce

It was a lovely card for sure,
But inside was some dosh,
Oh great, says I, Thank you me dear,
For threads I feel, and posh.

So all in all my day went well,
I had a lovely time,
Its always nice to spend it
With this lovely family of mine.


Anonymous said...

I wish you a wonderfull day,
Birthdays are allways special,
Take care

Anonymous said...

I have tagged you on my blog, as i found your blog wonderfull and you have given me so much help, i do wish you well,
Take care Tracey

jan said...

Hi Tracey, thank you for the wishes, I had a quiet day as you can tell!!

Thank you so much for your really kind comments about my Blog, I am pleased you enjoy it.

You too take care, lovely to hear from you. :-)