Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Hm mm! Went to the Doctors surgery today to see the Doc about my neck. She (nice lady Doctor not seen her before, very pleasant lady) is getting in touch with the hospital, and they will apparently send me a letter inviting me to make an appointment to have an ex ray of my neck done.

This will arrive sometime in October. I then have to make the appointment, so who knows when that will be. Oh well, I've put up with it for years, a few more wont hurt I guess. She did give me a stronger pain killer though ,of which I was grateful for. When they kick in I shall be glad.

I should be going again next week to see the Nurse about my review, but they forgot to put it in the book, so I have missed out on that one. I did lose it a bit at this stage I can tell you.

I can have a blood test, Next week, BUT my Review is now in October.

To say this Surgery is organised is to make one hell of a joke. I told the receptionist that if I had arrived next week for the due date they had made me to see the nurse, and been told no appointment was in the book, WW3 would have broken out. As it was, my appointment was for 4.20 and I got in at 5.15. Punctuality is no requirement for the Doctors obviously, but you be late and see what happens!!!!!

So there we are. I am no nearer to having my neck sorted than I was when I woke up this morning. Well, unless you count an appointment with the Hospital sometime later this year, whenever!!!!!!! Me, sarcastic!!! Yep, you betcha!

Cant find a suitable picture for this post. Sorry.

Good grief. WHAT is going on. Do I have - you can mess me about - tattooed on my forehead? No I do not. So why does this sort of thing always happen to me??

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