Friday, 5 September 2008


What can these little cushion pads be??

Aha. Bags. For very special people. This one is for *******

and this is for ***** and it is Purple NOT blue as in picture. No matter what I did, it showed blue!! Weird or what?

and last but not least, this is for **

...and here they are again all folded back neat into their little pockets.

I have two more to do for ***** and ***, then I shall make some more cos I am really enjoying making these, I am finding them relaxing to make cos there's no pattern so I can do what I want with them. What fun.

Oh Yes. Have you noticed I played around with the edges of these pictures. I found this button that said 'soft edges' and clicked on it and oh my, lots of different things I can do with this. Great fun.

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